Daily Review: Witch’s Mystic Woods by Marsha A. Moore

Armed with only grit and attitude, Larena fights to stand her ground and protect her heritage.

The Lockwood witches are the only tree mystics known to the Midwest, and soon Larena will be the last. Their heritage is crumbling—but not if Larena can save it.

With loving care, Larena helps her mother Irene face the final journey of severe dementia. Corporate vultures, envisioning a mall project, are circling to take the Lockwood land and antique store by eminent domain upon Irene’s death. Their success will lay claim to the souls of Larena’s deceased father and grandfather, both tied for all eternity to the family’s land.

Using rare, inherited magical skills, Larena communicates with trees and crafts their wood into enchanted furniture, which brings blessings to future owners. An unscrupulous witch, working with the corporation for a share of the profits, sabotages Larena’s mysticism to curtail her livelihood. One charming vulture, Reid Peterson, preys upon her heart. Armed with only grit and attitude, Larena fights to stand her ground.

Local seers and fae alike foresee a shift with the concurrence of Winter Solstice and the coming new moon. Otherworld energies will then become available to an unnamed person in desperate need. Larena must be that person—or her heart, home, and heritage will be wrenched away.

Marsha A. Moore

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By Emily Pennington

Larena was a tree mystic, taking care of her ailing mom and struggling over long work hours to keep their antique home furnishings business running. Communicating with the furniture and wooden objects that had known her over the years kept her from being so lonely. She looked through the day’s mail and spotted a letter from a law firm. It was an offer from the Kilfoyle Corporation to purchase the 5 acres of their land?? If they didn’t agree to sell, they would invoke eminent domain and take the property anyway.

Sibeal Soot, newly appointed to the Coven Council, showed up at Larena’s store and told her they would be taking the land for a shopping center. Sibeal, whose family was no longer wealthy, would get a percentage of the sale, so she had to make this happen. But Larena stood up to her and refused to sell. There would definitely be difficult times ahead now! Would Larena be able to stand up to the councilwoman? Was she strong enough to push back, despite the other pressures she faced at home?

This was a richly detailed book that invited the reader to settle in and experience the life in Coon Hollow, along with the characters who resided there. The magic was fascinating, with each type of witch having their own style of magic and abilities. The inanimate objects being able to communicate was my favorite. The way the tables groaned when an envelope was put on them made me chuckle, and Larena would gently rub the surface to soothe the wood. Larena was someone the reader could easily respect.

Grab a copy of this book and find out how she overcomes all of the obstacles in her way. It is a good book and worthy of reading.

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By April L. Wood

Larena is a twenty-six-year-old Forest Sage (Wood Witch) born and bred in the coven and the last of her kind. She is graced with the ability to communicate with the energy in the trees and enchants wood for anyone who touches it. This comes in handy at her antique shop, Lockwoods’ Antiques & Collectibles.

Unfortunately, her antique business is struggling and her mother’s health is poor. Financial debts are mounting, as are her responsibilities. A proposal of $500,000 to buy her land and store offers a way out. Except, Larena is grounded in a strong sense of family and she refuses to let go of the family name, feeling it’s most important to keep their unique form of magic alive. Only, a heinous seer will see to it that if she doesn’t give it up willingly, she will take it, and much more…

WOW. What a story! I loved this magical installment of the Coon Hollow Coven Tales by Marsha A. Moore. Larena’s life as a tree mystic fascinated me, and how she found her calling running an antique store, enchanting wood for customers. I loved all the rich details and smiled when Larena would have conversations with her furniture. I loved how her Grandfather, a deceased tree mystic, lived within a row of trees, ready to hug her with his branches and communicate with her, offering her advice when she needed it. It was marvelous.

The blending of magical versus non-magical people living together as part of a community and the acceptance of one another was great too. I enjoyed the subtle romance, and the ending offered the sweetest happily-ever-after on earth.

I don’t know how she did it, but Author Marsha A. Moore made me feel sympathy for the villain, Ben. The plot twist choked me up a bit, making his prior actions a bit clearer.

Overall, I recommend this novel to fans of magical, witchy reads!

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