Daily Review: A Warlock Under The Mistletoe by S. S. Bazinet

A random daydream about a sexy warlock standing under a sprig of mistletoe sets her heart and mind into a tailspin.

Pippa has a wonderful fiancé named Chester, and she loves him dearly.

However, when she decides to write a romance book and fantasizes about kissing a dashing warlock under the mistletoe, she realizes something is missing in their relationship.

In a teary confession, she blurts out her concerns to Chester.

Her fiancé, a studious psychologist, understands what she wants.

Not only that, but he promises to do everything he can to be the man that Pippa is dreaming about. Still, the question remains.

Will Chester have what it takes to release his “inner warlock”?

S. S. Bazinet


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By Amy Miller

I could not put this book down.

I seriously meant to only take a peek at it and wait to read it next month, but once I started, I could not stop!

Also, I’m seriously sad that I have to share Chester with other people.

That’s just rude.

This is a short story that is packed with the perfect blend of seriousness and lightheartedness.

It’s a winner for the holiday season, but I wouldn’t be lying to admit that I’d like it any month of the year!

Santa Baby, won’t you leave a warlock under the mistletoe for me?

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By Paris Afton Bonds

Pippa’s friend asks if Chester, Pippa’s beloved, has an available brother.

After reading A Warlock Under the Mistletoe, I want Chester’s clone!


Pippa discovers not only the overlooked and hidden talents of her fiance but, also, her own buried attributes.

Bazinet, a versatile writer, has created a delightful ‘feel-good’ short read ~ the shot in the arm that we all could use, holidays or not ~ and combined it with the underlying substance that makes the readers pause and take a closer look at their own overlooked selves.

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By Cynthia Hamilton

This is the second book I’ve read by this author, and I’m so impressed with her versatility.

The protagonist in the other book is an edgy, disdainful loner, infected by a deadly plague, famous for his portraits of Madonnas.

Hearing it all from his POV, his story was very believable and compelling.

In A Warlock Under The Mistletoe, we have his polar opposite.

Also told in the first-person narrative, Pippa is as sweet and guileless as they come.

She’s never had an unkind thought about anyone.

But a random daydream about a sexy warlock standing under a sprig of mistletoe sets her heart and mind into a tailspin.

She loves Chester, but he’s nobody’s idea of a sexy, mysterious warlock. Or is he?

This quick read is a perfect forerunner for the holiday season.

It’s light, charming and is a great way to escape reality just long enough to reset your psyche.

Please click HERE to find A Warlock Under The Mistletoe on Amazon.

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