Daily Review: Walking With Shadows by Luke Romyn

Great imagery and descriptive patches that approach poetry in the way of age-old sagas.

A plane crashes in the midst of the Amazon rainforest, leaving only two survivors: Jonas Drake, a wealthy award-winning author, and a terrified young boy named Jeremy.

Jonas must find the strength to lead Jeremy through an army hunting them for ransom, predatory beasts and all manner of perils not found in the concrete jungle he usually calls home.

To keep Jeremy calm, Jonas shares extraordinary stories involving magical characters, tales from his early days as an author. Unfortunately, neither of them know what to do when these creations start to come alive in the jungle surrounding them.

Filled with profound characters, this stunning adventure journeys into the heart of a man turned cold by a world he barely recognizes, who slowly thaws while learning to care for someone other than himself.

Luke Romyn

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By Alana McAlister

Just finished this masterpiece..now I can breathe again..day one I finished fifty percent could not stop finally at six A.m. Sleep called..

this book was written by a man with imagination and deep thoughts it will stay with me for a long time! Read i

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By Arletta Dawdy

A unique tale that pulls the reader in from the first page and doesn’t let go until the last. The author explores the world of the writer in depth, the tortuous adventure he is propelled into and the amazing regeneration he experiences.

Well written, with great imagery and descriptive patches that approach poetry in the way of age-old sagas. One reader noted they don’t read fantasy but couldn’t put the book down; I’m in the same boat, staying awake until 1:00 this morning to finish this amazing book.

Thank you, Luke Romyn!

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By Vigilant Reader Book Reviews

Jonas Drake is a successful but reclusive novelist with a troubled past. He attempted to confront his childhood demons with his early fantasy short stories. Those stories didn’t sell well so he changed genres and wrote crime stories for the money and fame they brought. However, that didn’t bring the inner peace his tortured mind craved and needed.

On a return flight from Brazil, the plane crashed in the Amazon rainforest. Jonas and a ten-year-old boy, Jeremy, are the lone survivors. Jonas soon learned he was a product of the streets of New York City and was ill-equipped to face the dangers of F.A.R.C. terrorist, wild animals, jungles natives, and drug smugglers. Or was he?

To placate and support Jeremy, Jonas recounted tales about characters from his early fantasy books and soon drew the boy into the world he created to escape a troubled childhood.

I’m not a fantasy fan so some of those recounted stories were a bit long for my taste. But they were necessary to set the stage for what was to come.

In the end, Jonas found the strength to confront and accept his past and make life-altering decisions that would reshape who he had become and who he chose to be.

Overall, this is one of the best stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long time. I highly recommend it.

The editing, sentence structure and writing style of Walking With Shadows are exemplary.

In-depth research is evident by its accuracy.

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