Daily Review: Walking Over Eggshells by Lucinda E. Clarke

Frank, honest and at times painful to read, I found this to be one of those books that I will remember.

Walking Over Eggshells is an autobiography that tells the story of a mentally abused child, who married a “Walter Mitty” clone. They moved from England to Kenya, from Libya to Botswana and on again to South Africa.

It took all her courage to survive in situations that were at times dangerous, sometimes humorous, but always nerve-wracking. She had a variety of jobs, different types of homes, and was both a millionairess and totally broke. She met royalty, hosted ambassadors, and won numerous awards for her writing and television programs.

She also climbed over garbage dumps, fended off bailiffs, and coped being abandoned in the African bush with a seven-week-old baby with no money or resources. She admits to being the biggest coward in the world, but her survival instincts kicked in and she lived to tell her story.

This book will make you laugh and cry and hopefully inspire others who did not have the best start in life either. All names have been changed to protect both the guilty and the innocent – and that includes the author as well!

Lucinda E. Clarke

Amazon Review

By Patrick

There was much for me to recognise in this book and I found it to be a compelling read from the very first page. Frank, honest and at times painful to read, I found this to be one of those books that I will remember. I had read several books by Lucinda E Clarke before coming to this and I recognised the African connection now that I can see where life has taken this talented author.

I was a fan before and this has only reaffirmed that this is an author with style and skill. She traverses very different worlds despite the aforementioned connection in her writing. Walking over eggshells is perhaps the most apt title I have seen for a book in years as it suits the bones of this incredible journey so well.

For me that is how I saw this book, a journey through a malfunctioning family in her childhood and into her grown-up world where the malfunctioning husband would be an understatement as she travels around, changing countries and jobs in what I can only imagine must have been a fraught existence.

At the heart of her existence is the impact her relationship with her mother had. I have often said that all books are ultimately about love. It can be romantic, familiar and so on but the absence of love is perhaps the most intriguing. I completely understand the difficulty she must have had in putting this book to paper but it has been done with her usual style and engaging ways.

Lucinda E. Clarke always promises much to me when I open one of her books and yet again she has delivered. An enthralling story. Five stars.

Reader’s Favorite Review

By Jessyca Garcia

In her memoir, Clarke shares a huge part of her life. She has written about her adventures living in different places, her relationship with her verbally abusive mother, and her family life. Clarke has certainly led an interesting life.

While reading Walking Over Eggshells, I had mixed feelings. I went back and forth from being sympathetic to what Clarke was going through to wondering what other people’s points of view on situations that occurred were.

I hated Clarke’s mother and did not understand why Clarke kept trying to please her. I also did not understand why people would believe Clarke’s mother’s side of things unless she had some type of proof.

Towards the end of the book, I wanted to stand up and cheer because I felt that Clarke finally made a good decision about her home life. After so many years putting up with someone, it took guts to do what she did in South Africa. I do, however, still have some unanswered questions about some things that happened in the book.

I am honestly glad that Clarke was finally able to achieve something that she wanted in her life. At the beginning of the book, I did not ever think that she would live such an adventurous life.

I am glad that I read Walking Over Eggshells because I consider Clarke a strong female role model.

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