Daily Review: Valentine’s Rose by E. E. Burke

An English nobleman, an Irish laundress…only in America would Fate be foolish enough to bring them together.

Constantine Valentine, the second son of an English baron is in America for one reason—to make a fortune so he can return home and repair a tarnished reputation. Wedding a destitute Irish laundress isn’t his first choice, but a strange twist of fate makes a hasty marriage the key to gaining riches.

She lost everything but her belief in love.

Rose Muldoon grew up in a New York slum and has suffered hardship, hunger and heartbreaking loss. Against impossible odds, she still trusts love—something her privileged husband has never experienced, and can’t accept.

Rose longs for home and family. Val has no intention of staying in a marriage of convenience, not even for a beautiful woman who fires his blood and makes him yearn for what he doesn’t have…or deserve.

But when the unforeseen happens, threatening everything Val holds dear, he must make a choice.

E. E. Burke

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By Redrabbitt

I enjoyed this first book in this excellent series where young women traveled to southeastern Kansas to be brides to hardworking settlers. The problem is, for every one woman, there are more than twenty-five men are seeking a wife. The railroad offered free travel but how to make the selection process for marriage was iffy, even leading to riots.

This story covers Rose Muldoon and Constantine Valentine. Rose has lost all her family, having nothing to leave behind and with only a chance at happiness for her future. Val is a man trying to make amends for what he has done and left behind and maybe be granted some form of forgiveness. Two broken people, thrust together by mitigating circumstances,

The plot kept me captivated and the pages turning. The interaction between Rose and Val has angst, passion, and chemistry. The dialog is entertaining and heartwarming, where two people learn that love covers a multitude of sins. The story has a great cast of interesting and intriguing characters.

I look forward to more stories of The Bride Train.

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By verasbooksreviewsandstuff

Author E. E. Burke created an intriguing and satisfying novel filled with emotion in Valentine’s Rose. The first book in a new series, the reader will find everything needed for an enjoyable and entertaining read. Set in Kansas during the height of the railroad boom, the railroad workers are desperate for women. Hoping to calm down the fights and destruction, the railroad devises a plan to bring brides out west.

The men nor the brides get exactly what they thought they would. Primarily, the men are dirty, crude, and unmannerly. The women are from varied backgrounds and do not look fondly on a marriage raffle with themselves as the prize.

Rose Muldoon, former laundress, grew up in the Five Point District of New York. No worse slum existed. Rose is looking for love and security in her husband. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rose finds herself married to Constantine Valentine, formerly of the English nobility.

Can these two polar opposites forge a lasting marriage? Will Val leave Rose to return to England if he finds his fortune? Come and follow Rose and Val through heartache, tribulation, and trials, as they journey from strangers in a marriage of convenience.

Grab your favorite beverage and have a seat. Come along as my romance novel review of Valentine’s Rose follows.


Without a doubt, E. E. Burke will grab the reader immediately with Valentine’s Rose. Filled with wonderful historical facts and beginning with a journal, the reader’s swept up into the romance of the western expansion era. I found the background given for Rose sad and unfortunately, true to the times. The Irish lived in deplorable conditions, poor if any food, packed in slums and taken advantage by the factory lords.

The glimpse into Roses’ life was sad indeed. However, Burke created a strong and independent woman in this character. I loved watching Rose grow and mature. In turn, Val’s character was unlikable at times, pitying at others, as you come to realize Val has a problem.

One he has fought all his life. Subsequently, Burke gave him characteristics which shine by the end of the story. As a result, I came to care for these characters and was sad to say goodbye. Of course, all good stories must have a villain; Burke crafted a splendid villain for this story.

With a well-plotted story-line and good clean prose, Burke created a first-class beginning for this series. I look forward to the next books. I hope we see more of Val and Rose in future episodes.

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