Daily Review: The Valentine Mystery by Kathi Daley

A cozy mystery filled with suspense, romance, humor, love, friends, and family.

If you love small towns, endearing relationships, food, animals, and a touch of murder, you will love this new mystery series by Kathi Daley, author of the popular Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery Series.

It is Valentine’s Day in White Eagle Montana and Tess and Tilly are busier than ever delivering Valentine Cards along with the daily mail. Of course, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day in White Eagle without a mystery to solve or a holiday adoption party to prepare for.

When Tess happens upon a vehicle accident where one man dies, she gets pulled into a mystery with roots into the past. With Tony’s help she not only tracks down a killer but she looks into the occurrence of a missing person as well.

Tony is still looking into the case of Tess’s father’s disappearance, meanwhile Tess and Tilly team up with Brady to make sure that every animal shelter resident finds their perfect match in time for Valentine’s Day.

Kathi Daley

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By Kindle Customer

The Valentine Mystery: A Cozy Mystery is the second book in Kathi Daley’s Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery series. Visualize a small town in Montana that has an element of International intrigue and, not one, but two mysteries intertwined in a well-crafted plot.

Throughout this book, the reader learns more about Tess’s extended family (one brother, Mike, a White Eagle Police Officer, and her mom, Lucy Thomas, who co-owns a café, Sisters’ Diner, with her aunt, Ruthie Turner), her friend, Bree, and deeply held secrets.

Tess’s dog, Tilly, accompanies her while she delivers the mail, and her recently adopted kittens, Tangletoe and Tinder become better integrated into the community. This mystery requires a skill set beyond Tess’s abilities, so she enlists the help of another friend, Tony Marconi, who is extremely skilled at locating information.

Despite threats to stop pursuing answers, Tess is determined to see the mysteries brought to a resolution. A classic style cozy mystery from start to finish. Well developed characters, a tightly woven plot with twists and turns, a budding romance and recipes that sound delicious.

I highly recommend this book. Cozy mystery fans won’t be disappointed.

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By Kathi Detamore

Kathi Daleys new series, A Tess and Tilly mystery is quickly becoming a big success. I have just finished Book two, The Valentine Mystery. What a treat to have to read on Valentine’s Day. Tess is a mail carrier in a small town in Montana where she has lived all her life.

As Valentine’s Day approaches she has “two-bagger days” delivering the mail. However, she keeps getting slowed down by her customers and various little distractions. Her Mom gets a package from an admirer, her best friend Bree is getting a Valentine present each day from a secret admirer and her computer genius Tony is looking into
the past death of Tess’s father. It is beginning to look like maybe her father didn’t die in that truck wreck..And then Tess comes on the scene of a 2 car wreck. One driver is fine and not from the area. The other driver passes away and has some connection to the first driver.

So the detective work begins! This is a fast-paced mystery and some twists at the end. Kathi has left us wondering what will happen in the next book! Read and enjoy!

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By Kay Monk

This is the second episode in the new Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery series. This book is filled with the elements of a cozy mystery including suspense, romance, humor, love, friends and family, and a sense of community. Residents are looking forward to the Valentine’s party at the high school organized by Brady Baker, the new veterinarian, complete with decorations, cookies and punch, and lots of shelter pets ready to be adopted.

Tess Thomas is a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service in the small town of White Eagle, Montana. On the way to her book club, Tess hears a loud crash, and then a deer runs out in the road ahead of her. She pulls over to the shoulder and discovers a vehicle with front end damage and a man named Coby Walters sitting in the front seat.

She noticed another vehicle down a snowy embankment, resting against a tree. Tess and Coby run down to the car and find a bloody, unconscious man who died, despite attempts to resuscitate him. Tess finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. Tess’s job allows her the opportunity to talk to others while trying to solve this crime, along with help from a few friends. Secrets from the past are revealed and the killer’s identity is exposed.

As always, Mrs. Daley’s writing flows smoothly, there are several side mysteries along with the main mystery, and her setting and relatable characters make for an extremely enjoyable and quick read. I really look forward to reading the next book in this series.

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