Daily Review: Two Hearts in Accord by Tamara Ferguson

Love always seems to be in the air and the deep connections that are formed there make me believe in true love and fate.

Lieutenants Neil Harrison and Anna Drummond shared tragedy four years earlier during a special mission in Iraq, and despite their connection at the time, they both took their previous commitments seriously.

Injured later in Iraq, Neil eventually returned to active duty in pararescue with a prosthetic leg, while former sniper Anna regained her weaponry skills after losing an arm.

Now intent on retraining wounded warriors for active duty while working together as future instructors in a new program in Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, they realize the spark is still there.

Their personal situations have changed, and both Neil and Anna are single. And they seem to have a lot in common; most particularly their love of music.

But it’s a few weeks before Luke Bryant and Kelly Callahan’s wedding (Two Hearts Surrendered), when Anna and Neil find themselves assisting Sarah Benton’s best friend Claire, who’s certain her ex is trying to kill her. With Claire’s life endangered, Neil and Anna make use of their skills to keep her safe.

Neil and Anna have both been burned in the past, so they’re in accord deciding on a no strings relationship. But will they finally admit that it’s love?

Tamara Ferguson

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Romances usually start off with some sort of immediate connection between the two main characters, be it positive sparks or negative sparring. But what really touched me and drew me into this story was the unusual way Ms. Ferguson’s Neil Harrison and Anna Drummond bonded in time.

Both in the military, we first see her in an action-packed beginning as a sniper (how cool is THAT?) and he’s an admiring airman who is blown away by her shooting skills. Both are in relationships so coming together is out of the question.

Fast forward to a few years later, when they happen to run into each other as part of a veteran’s group teaching other soldiers with disabilities how to cope. It is there that they find out that each of them has been a casualty of war and left with a handicap. How different this story then becomes.

It is no longer the typical male vet who falls for a good woman who makes him feel whole again type of romance. It is about equal, well-earned rehabilitation, from both a male and female’s perspective. Frankly, I loved this unique take on that! It made me want to read more…

Add to the mix some growing tension involving the sheltering of a battered woman against her maniacal ex-husband stalking her, and you have the true makings of a page-turning book. Highly recommended!

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By Laura Furuta

The story TWO HEARTS IN ACCORD (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 7) by Tamara Ferguson is a wonderful book that I loved reading. As with all the books I have read in the series it draws you in from the very beginning and you don’t want to put it down until you have read the end. I just had to know how it all works out for both Neil Harrison and Anna Drummond.

They were both in the military and also were both seriously injured while on duty. Surprised to find themselves both in Crystal Rock working on a project for retraining wounded warriors they also find that a shared attraction they had when they first met has survived. They both have made the decision to not start another serious commitment.

They are both pulled toward each other. Anna has always sought someone to love her. Will she listen to her heart when it is telling her that Neil is the someone? Neil sees forever when he looks at Anna. Will these two find their happy ever after with each other? Neil and Anna also work together when a friend of Anna’s asks her to help protect a woman in danger.

Reading this story gave me a heartwarming feeling. I love that many of the characters that you meet and interact with Neil and Anna are ones from previous books. It feels like your keeping in touch with good friends. Crystal Rock sounds like an amazing place to live with residents that are involved with wonderful projects to help wounded warriors.

Love always seems to be in the air and the deep connections that are formed there make me believe in true love and fate. This is a well-written book that I highly recommend reading. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

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