Daily Review: The Time Detective: Discovery by Mark Carnelley

The Time Detective will make you squirm and want to put his novel down . . . but you can’t!

Marshall Bellows is a present day crime fighter and Allan Besley his alter ego in 1956 (after the discovery of a wormhole during the chase of a sick, perverted serial killer).

Can Marshall/Allan survive this double life in two times, two seemingly different worlds and two loves or will one the worlds pull him in deeper, where he finds it harder and harder to leave?

This first book, Discovery, begins the fight for Marshall in both worlds.

A man with strong convictions with no qualms about “getting his hands dirty” if that is what’s required. Is he judge, jury and executioner?

Strange and desperate times require certain measures and Marshall is the man for the job, in both times.

Mark Carnelley

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By Paris Afton Bonds

I an not a fan of the horror genre but when reading such a novel by a master of the genre like Mark Carnelly,

I have to confess I shuddered and cringed and kept turning the pages.

A la “Silence of the Lambs”, Carnelly’s The Time Detective will make you squirm and want to put his novel down . . . but you can’t!

Amazon Review

By Miriam Smith

The Time Detective – Book 1 – Discovery by Mark Carnelley is a quite a disturbing serial killer book with an ingenious storyline involving time travel, that although looks like it may be suitable for younger readers it is most definitely an adult read, due to the violent and sexual content.

The story follows Marshall Bellows, a Police Officer here in the present who, during the chase for a sick, serial killer discovers a wormhole that allows him to travel back into 1956, where he takes on the persona of Allan Besley. He is a crime fighter in two times, two different worlds.

Although an open mind is needed for this story I did find it hugely entertaining, however, some readers may find the level of violence towards the young girls distressing so if easily offended then this book may not be for you.

I do like my serial killers to be sick and twisted and enjoyed how the story crossed over into the two different timelines.

Marshall Bellows/Allan Besley is a brilliant character and a superb police officer and the way the author has created a unique and well plotted story has resulted in an excellently written, entertaining and compelling crime novel that’s well worth a read!

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