Daily Review: Three Way by Mike Markel

Three women and their other partners had plenty of reasons to kill the philandering graduate student.

When grad student Austin Sulenka is found strangled, nude on his bed, the first question for Detectives Seagate and Miner is whether it was an auto-asphyxiation episode gone wrong.

Evidence strewn around his small apartment suggests that he spent his last night with a number of different women.

One was Tiffany, a former student who still resented the injustice of getting a C in the course when he promised her a B if she slept with him.

Another was Austin’s beautiful girlfriend, May, who had never before encountered a man she could not totally beguile.

Then there was his thesis adviser, Suzannah Montgomery, who might have inadvertently revealed to Austin some information about her past that could ruin her own career.

These three women and their other partners had plenty of reasons to kill the philandering graduate student.

As Detective Karen Seagate and her partner try to unravel the complicated couplings, she finds herself in a three-way relationship that threatens to destroy her own fragile sobriety.

Mike Markel

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By Debi Alexander

Let me say this up front; if you have a problem with foul language and “adult situations”, this book is not for you. Actually, this series of books is not for you. That being said, I have read all the books so far in the Seagate and Miner series, and I loved them.

Karen Seagate is a foul-mouthed, deeply cynical semi-recovering alcoholic who is brutally honest with herself and everyone else (at least when she’s not lying). Her partner, Ryan Miner, is an uber clean-cut, devout LDS with a beautiful wife and, at this point, 2.5 kids.

They are an unlikely team, but somehow it works. This book involves a whole lot of talking about sex, which could be off-putting, but if you like Karen as much as I have come to, you will understand that it’s part of the story.

The book begins with a young very good looking grad student being asphyxiated during sex by a woman. Who did it and why are, of course, the central themes of the plot, but as usual, Mr. Markel pulls in other players, motives, and subplots.

Karen is still struggling with sobriety and figuring out where her life is going. Ryan is recovering from a gunshot he took that was meant for Karen. The suspect pool is large and everyone has a motive, but nothing seems to really fit.

The characters are, as usual, interesting and diverse. I highly recommend the book and the series. I will warn, though. Karen takes some getting used to. But if you are like me, you will find yourself not only liking her but pulling for her. I can’t wait for the next book!

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By DD Gott

We’re back in Rawlins, Montana, with a dead grad student. Karen and Ryan are searching for the killer that strangled the exceptionally good-looking young man that had a string of sexual partners from students to fellow teachers. So far everything is coming up a dead end.

What did I like? This is the fourth book in the series and I love this team. Karen is still working on her sobriety and Ryan is still recovering from the gunshot wound he received in the previous case. They both are doing great.

What are you going to like? Mike has done another excellent job with this storyline. There are so many twists and turns you just can’t stop turning the pages. I also love the details that he includes but it is obvious the amount of research that he does in his work. As I read each book he has included more humor than the last one.

You will feel the friendship between the partners. You can also feel the trust that they have built up with their chief. This book is meant for mature adults due to the sexual content but it’s not over the hill.

I definitely recommend this series to all mystery readers. I’m on to book five, see you there!

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