Daily Review: The Deja Vu House by Doug Simpson

It breaks all the rules of contemporary literature, but it’s a story clearly and simply told, and uplifting in its honesty.

The century-old farmhouse that caught Vic’s attention was on a large lot on the outskirts of Cattleton.

Pam stood mesmerized next to the car as Vic and the real estate agent walked towards the front door. Noticing Pam’s absence before they entered the house,

Vic asked Pam if there was a problem.

Even though Pam had never been to Cattleton in her life, she replied, “I know this house.”

Doug Simpson

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By Scott Bury:

Can there be a story without conflict? Yes, and Doug Simpson proves it in his quietly uplifting novel, The Déjà vu House.

It’s the simple story of a man and a woman who rekindle an old high-school romance, fall in love. They marry and build a life together. Vic and Pam find their dream home, a century-old farmhouse on the edge of a suburban Midwestern town, which is inhabited by a woman named Olga.

On seeing the house for the first time, Pam feels a shock: “I recognize this house,” she says. She walks around the outside of the house, pointing to windows and identifying which rooms they belong to, without mistake.

As it turns out, Pam is the reincarnation of the first woman to live in the Déjà vu house, and Olga, the woman who currently owns it, who inherited it from her parents, is the granddaughter of Emily Croft. Emily was reincarnated as Pam Richardson.

And share a shock of recognition between Pam and Olga, they become close instantly. Vic and Pam buy the house and Olga remains living in it with them.

What ensues is the story of how three people, linked in a very unusual way, make a life together. They’re all happy. There is no conflict, no mystery to solve, no deep dark secrets.

It breaks all the rules of contemporary literature, but it’s a story clearly and simply told, and uplifting in its honesty. It has a message that is dearly needed today: we can be happy.

Amazon Review

By Author Chantal Bellehumeur

I love the way the author started the story, by having the main character debating with herself about starting up an online conversation with somebody from her past whom she came across on a social media network.

The initial message finally sent led to several personal letters between Pam and Vic which were fun to read; I thought they were a great way to learn about the two characters’ backgrounds and get into the fun story.

During one of the correspondences, Pam informed Vic about an upcoming high school reunion and invited him to stay in her guest room since she still lived in the same town as she did as a teen, and he did not. Her excuse was for him to save on hotel fees, but the reader gets a sense that there is more to it. Pam’s friends are no fools either.

The romance that follows comes as no surprise, which isn’t to say that the story itself is predictable. The reader is still left wondering what will happen, especially after Pam experiences a Deja Vu moment while visiting an old farmhouse. Everything becomes quite intriguing from this point on, and I must applause the author for his creative mind and originality.

I personally really enjoyed this interesting story. It was well written and had great dialogues. I had a hard time putting the book down! Every chapter was short, so it was easy to say “oh just one more” and continue reading a few additional captivating chapters.

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