Daily Review: Temptation by Karen Ann Hopkins

An Amish boy. An English Girl. An impossible, forbidden love . . .

Everyone told me I was making a mistake, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart wanted Noah.

We met and fell in love in the hidden fields and forests of Meadowview. If he was English or I was Amish, none of this would have happened.

One of us had to make the sacrifice of leaving our culture to be together. As if the clash of our vastly different worlds wasn’t enough, our small farming community had deeper troubles, and they might just be enough to tear us apart forever.

Temptation is the compelling first book in a tension-filled series about star-crossed lovers struggling to be together against all odds.

Karen Ann Hopkins

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By Kim B

I absolutely adored this book? Wow. It was my first “Amish book,” so I really had no idea what to expect. I don’t know a whole lot about the Amish people, but what was spelled out in this book certainly seemed to align with what I knew, so it seemed realistic. It was easy to forget that Noah was Amish and Rose was English when they were together… until another big difference in their cultures was revealed. I couldn’t put this book down. I wanted… needed… to know what would happen with them. Also, for the record, I think Noah is my favorite boy name ever.

“I had fallen in love with this Amish boy, and I couldn’t do anything about it. He would forever own my heart.”

Yes there was instalove and a fair bit of angst, but I found the love story believable and the angst realistic and understandable. Rose was a great protagonist. I could really feel how torn she was between her love for Noah and her desire for the freedom she’s always known.

Noah was sweet and strong, super sexy (I can’t believe I just typed that word to describe an Amish teenager.) and very obviously conflicted. The secondary characters were intriguing (I can’t wait for Ella to get hers.) Sarah and Sam were two of my favorites. While Sam frustrated me at times, there was no doubt he had his sister’s best interests in mind. Sarah was sweet; a great sister to Noah and a great friend to Rose.

These characters – and this book – made me feel all the feels. I have to apologize for this review being such a short one, but a) I don’t want to give anything away and b) I NEED to move on to the second book. I just have to see what’s next for my new favorite couple.

Amazon Review

By Mandy

I adored this book so, so very much. I loved Noah even though at times he drove me mad. But his simple ways was a huge selling point. There are days I think of how great it would be to shed all the unnecessary items of the modern world and just be. Just be. That is all. No cell phones, no reality crap tv, no distractions. But then there are days I realize I’d be a fish out of water, gasping for air (technology) begging for the use of my cell phone and car.

Yes, I did mention that Noah drove me mad. So here is the deal. Noah and Rose’s relationship escalates rather quickly. But that is just how it is for Noah and his people. Rose has the excuse that she is only 16. I remember being the exact same way at that age. I just knew I was going to marry my first love (also a forbidden relationship) and we’d be happy ever after. (We didn’t, and I couldn’t be happier.) But anyhow, the immediate love is not my problem. No, that all falls on Noah. The boy expects Rose to do all the sacrificing in the name of love. He wants her to leave her family and everything she has ever known to become Amish. Never once did he even remotely consider doing it himself and become English, besides in a fleeting thought. That is what made me mad.

But this was a brilliant and amazing love story because even though both were so wrong for each other in the eyes of their world, they still loved each other and fought for a way to be together. Even at their lowest, they still held out for the smallest of hope that it would all work out in the end. And that hope is what kept me reading and reading to the end. I had to know would if it work out. Would they still feel the same at the end? It definitely is an addicting storyline that is for sure.

I look forward to when I can start the next book in the series. I have to know if the choices that were made were for the best or if there is change coming. It worries me and excites me where the book left off for what is to come.

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