Daily Review: Tea Leaves, Jealousy, and Murder by Jenna St. James

Another great mystery adventure for Jaycee and Jax, with murder and mayhem abounding.

Circus clowns…

Wedding attire…

Dead bodies…

It’s time for a Traveler’s Bay Wedding!

Gramps and Tillie are ready to tie the knot in less than a week. Unfortunately, things aren’t going as smoothly as everyone had hoped.

When Joy Braggs is murdered in front of Jaycee in a most unusual way, she recruits the girls to help her solve the murder.

Between bridesmaid fittings, a bachelorette party, and circus theatrics, Jaycee and Jax must race against the clock to catch the killer…because Gramps isn’t going to let anything stand in his way of marrying his Tillie.

But when Jaycee gets too close to the truth and is seriously hurt, the gloves come off, and everyone steps up to take out the bad guy.

Can Jaycee and her family capture the killer before the wedding…or will Gramps be left standing alone at the end of the aisle?

Jenna St. James

Amazon Review

By Patti Wilson

Fun cozy with crazy antics. Characters are unique and interesting.

This was the perfect book to read just before a wedding. I think I smiled through most of it.

Light and enjoyable, the Sullivan Sisters did it again with the help of Jenna St. James, of course.

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By Christie M.

I would love to meet all the former performers surrounding the Sullivans.

Another great adventure for Jaycee and Jax, with murder and mayhem abounding.

And who wouldn’t love a circus-themed wedding reception? (We had a clown/magician at ours, but no cotton candy or boozy popcorn).

And of course, in the end, love wins.

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By Monam

Another fun adventure with the Sullivans.

This time they are getting ready for Gramps’ and Tilly’s wedding and what a fun them – circus.

The wedding setting sounded lovely and I loved the ring bearer.

But the girls have to take time to solve a few mysteries along the way. Nice that so many work on their team.

I love all the friendships and family in this series. And I can’t wait to try the recipe at the end of the book.

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