Daily Review: Tarot Terrors by Linda Pirtle

I can only say that if I were ever in trouble, I’d be lucky to have someone like Lillian looking out for me.


In a crowded Santa Fe Plaza, Lillian meets an elderly Navajo chieftain whose booth displays the most brilliant silver/turquoise jewelry she has ever seen. She suddenly hears a commotion and turns to see tourists running frantically. What’s wrong? When she looks back to the chieftain, he has vanished, but lying on the table is a small box addressed to “Miss Curiosity.”

How did he know the nickname her husband gave her?

Her old college friend Simon Townsend, a government agent, has surreptitiously slipped an object to her husband, and now Bill lies dead on the sidewalk. It’s the beginning of one tragic moment after another. Warnings. Threats. Kidnapping. And death.

Lillian does not believe in coincidences or predictions. But with the help of her standard poodle, Eli, and her son, Grant, an FBI agent, Lillian begins her own quest and faces the biggest challenge of her life: Bringing to justice those responsible for the death of her beloved Bill.

Award-winning Cozy Mystery author, Linda Pirtle introduces three new characters in Tarot Terrors: Madame Sophia, who reads tarot cards and predicts Lillian will find Bill’s killer in Pagosa Springs, Colorado; Sammie Nightingale, a young red-haired Navajo woman who has just completed a vision quest; and Sammie’s Uncle Jack Darling O’Toole, who runs the Pagosa Springs Trading Post. Who’s guilty? Who’s innocent? And what secrets do they have to hide?

Linda Pirtle

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By Sandy Bazinet

Lillian Prestridge and her husband Bill are retirees from East Texas. While traveling in their RV with their standard poodle, Eli, they learn that the president has been assassinated. Both are deeply troubled by the news but continue on their journey. A short time later, we find them visiting Santa Fe. While Lillian decides to do some shopping, her husband, Bill, is off on other pursuits. Tragedy strikes when we least suspect it. Bill is gunned down for no apparent reason. Overcome with grief, Lillian vows to find out who murdered him and why.

If you’re looking for a cozy mystery and a strong, older heroine who isn’t afraid to use her revolver if necessary, Tarot Terrors is the book for you. Lillian is a retiree who recently obtained her private investigator’s license. When it comes to curiosity, Lillian’s need-to-know could be classified as a level ten. She’s also very smart and very talented when it comes to putting the pieces of a mystery together. Happily, the reader gets to come along as she meets each obstacle with cleverness and a stubborn determination to put things right.

I can only say that if I were ever in trouble, I’d be lucky to have someone like Lillian looking out for me. And that’s the way the story made me feel. With Lillian at the helm, I knew the right lady was on the case, especially with all the deception involved. The story is written in a style that’s easy to follow, and it has enough twists and unexpected developments to keep you busy turning pages. With an ending I didn’t see coming, the story is a five star read all the way.

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By Patricia j. La Vigne

Lillian Prestridge has a knack for finding herself involved in mysteries wherever she goes–and Tarot Terrors is no exception. As a licensed private investigator, along with her FBI member son, Grant, Lillian is determined to learn who shot her husband in cold blood during a vacation trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

While on a browsing/shopping trip through Indian Market, Lillian became aware of a great crowd gathering across the street from where she stood. Her curiosity piqued, she joined the crowd and learned of the fate of Bill, her husband.

Racing to be near him, she knelt close enough to remove a piece of paper from his pocket before the police guided her back across the street. That paper was the first of many clues that raise questions in Lillian’s mind. Her encounters with a psychic medium named Sophia, who “sees” through her cluster of Tarot cards bring Lillian and Grant even more involvement with the mystery.

Not only does Lillian not understand why her husband was shot, but why things begin to happen as she meets others, including an old family friend, who are instigated in a deeper mystery. The President of the United States is assassinated that same day in another part of town.

The family friend hides a thumb drive, supposedly with information involving a national crisis, inside Bill’s pocket before the body is removed. The trail leads Lillian and Grant, Sophia and a young girl named Sammie, whom Lillian befriends, to Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Lillian refuses to return to her East Texas home until Bill’s murderer is found and arrested. She finds comfort in bringing the urn of his ashes with her as she travels to Pagosa Springs.

There she encounters other law enforcement members who are trying to unravel the President’s assassination at the same time and the infiltration of terrorist groups being trained for a military takeover of the government–all of this spawned by high-ranking government officials.

The author takes us on a journey of twists and turns that spring a surprise ending.

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