Daily Review: Stolen Sister by Linda Huber

What happens when a baby goes missing. Discover the hidden secrets in a gripping family drama.

Twenty-two years ago, Erin and Vicky’s parents were killed in an explosion.

Now grown up, Erin and Vicky – who have been separated – are unaware they are siblings. But when Vicky is called to her great-aunt’s deathbed, she learns that she isn’t alone after all.

But where is Erin?

Vicky’s search begins…

Elsewhere, Christine has problems of her own. In the first week of her new job, she makes a disturbing discovery and is struggling to come to terms with impending motherhood.

Vicky is almost ready to give up her search when an old foster mother calls with shocking news.

What links Vicky and Christine?

Will Vicky ever find her sister?

And can Christine’s baby escape the past that befell her mother?

Linda Huber

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By Golden Girl

I know I give many books 4- or 5-star reviews, but that is because I pick my books to read very carefully.

This was an interesting story about the sudden loss of a couple while on a weekend getaway. They took their newborn daughter with them, who was saved by their close friend, who was also there to attend the reunion.

The couple’s two older children were in the care of a great-aunt, and too young to remember that they had a little sister.

The older daughter, Vicky, learns that she has a younger sister, Erin, from her great-aunt on her deathbed.

Vicky’s journey ensues, while also dealing with her ailing, disabled brother. We know that Vicky will find Erin, but building a relationship proves to be difficult, as Erin, now Christine, deals with the difficult relationship with her so-called mother.

The story is sad but fortunately ends after dealing with tragedy and heartbreak on a positive note.

Amazon Review

By Carys Connelly

I have read a number of books by Linda Huber, all of which were un-put-down-able, but Stolen Sister is my favourite.

When their parents, Paula and Joe, perish in a hotel fire, three children are orphaned in the tragedy. The youngest child, Erin, who is just a baby, was saved from the fire by Sylvie, an old school friend of her mother’s, who helps out the family by offering to care for Erin in the short term.

Meanwhile, Paula’s elderly aunt Maisie is struggling to raise Erin’s siblings, Vicky and Jamie, the latter of whom has special needs.

Struggling to meet the needs of the children, Maisie is forced to allow them to go into foster care but had always hoped that Vicky would be reunited with her baby sister.

The problem is Sylvie has disappeared, taking Erin with her, and her whereabouts are a mystery for the next twenty years.

When Maisie reveals that her dying wish is to see the siblings reunited, Vicky makes a promise to track Erin down. Except she has no idea what she is getting herself into and the dark secrets that begin to unravel lead her into danger…

I don’t want to say any more for risk of giving away the plot, but this book is filled with suspense and has a page-turning quality that will leave you desperate to know what happens next, but terrified of what might be about to happen at the same time!

If you love suspense and original plotlines, filled with twists and turns, then I can’t recommend Stolen Sister highly enough.

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