Daily Review: Stage Fright by Helen Smith

Very funny indeed… Helen Smith seems to have written a winning line on every page.

When amateur sleuth Emily Castles joins a community theatre project in Edinburgh, she begins to suspect that she has been recruited by a cult.

When a fellow performer goes missing, she must risk her life to investigate…

Helen Smith

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By Her Book Self

Helen Smith manages to pack in surprises and plot twists, creating a story that is fully engaging from start to finish. As a wallflower turned super-sleuth, Emily Castles is a wonderful protagonist and I’m eager to read more of her adventures.

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By Alex Marwood, Edgar award-winning author of The Wicked Girls

I love Helen Smith’s writing. Her brand of mystery, shot through with clever observational humour and the sharpest of wit, is something that’s been missing from the genre for far too long.

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By Kay Smillie

It seems like an eternity since readers have had an Emily Castles story. This is a very welcome return for me as I thoroughly enjoy the inquisitively quirky Emily’s adventures.

In this tale, after a wonderfully weird interview, she gets an admin job with The Theatre of Life company. However, she gets drawn in to perform theatrics in the ‘concept’. Notice I have put ‘concept’ rather than ‘play’, because this was the brainchild of one of the directors, and is wonderful.

No script as such, just improvisation and total creation with the tools the child actors have to hand. Or has Emily actually been recruited by a cult? It is hard to tell… Between the punishment sessions (known as encouragement by the directors) and the suicide sessions? What?

As you would expect from Helen Smith, the characters are excellent. Gobby, adventurous, shy, comical, devoted, sad, hurting. You name it, they are here, particularly in the kids.

The storyline is atmospheric, clever, and well put together. It leads you all over the place, so that when you think you have solved the mystery… Think again.

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