Daily Review: Snow Angel by Jackie Taylor Zortman

Riddles are introduced, and each time one is solved another presents itself in an emotional, bittersweet tale.

After the death of his mother, Detective Max Richards and his sister, Willow, don’t pay much attention to an old, dusty vintage wooden box they discover shoved into a back corner of a bedroom shelf in their mother’s bedroom closet.

Did Clare simply forget it was there?

Pressing matters keep their focus until the rainy night Willow decides to enjoy a glass of wine and finally open the box.

They are shocked to discover the secret their mother kept carefully hidden from them for many years.

It was all right there inside the box – the letters, the will, the property deed and the key to the door. In their wildest dreams, they never imagined how Clare’s hidden secret was going to permanently change both their lives forever.

They say you will discover secrets about your parents when they die and this discovery proved the old adage to be true.

Jackie Taylor Zortman

Amazon Review

By ChillOnLake

This second novel about homicide detective Max continues his career as well as his love life with sweet Sami.

They’re joined by friends in beautiful Colorado for a story that shows how they all must make their personal lives work while the demands of law enforcement constantly test them.

The story is heartwarming, sometimes humorous, sometimes harrowing, and often emotional.

Clever surprises are woven in, including the title’s meaning, and the award-winning author’s intimate behind-the-scenes knowledge of police life makes it an enlightening, entertaining sequel.

Amazon Review

By ChrisCamp

It was with great anticipation that I sat down to read Snow Angel, and it did not disappoint. A follow-up to the author’s, it brings the reader back to the idyllic Colorado towns and the immensely likable, sometimes-quirky characters of “Footprints.”

Although technically a sequel, it is also a novel that stands on its own merit. The appealingly masculine homicide detective Max Richards, and Sami Murphy, his high-spirited girlfriend, are now married.

Other equally engaging characters are introduced, including Max’s sister Willow (how wonderful to read a novel in which a 50-plus-year-old woman is given a romantic storyline!), the enigmatic Colorado police chief Tom Clinton that she finds herself falling for, and Max & Sami’s lively friends Milt and Maile, not to mention the Siamese cat Lotus, who the author manages to imbue with a personality all his own.

Snow Angel is a collection of anecdotes about these characters and their lives and histories. With each chapter, the reader learns more about what has transpired to make these people the unique individuals they are.

Riddles are introduced, and each time one is solved another presents itself, as deeper and deeper layers of the people and their situations are revealed.

Opening with a funeral, proceeding to a mysterious ornate box discovered among a dead woman’s belongings and then to a nearly-forgotten, statuesque house in a remote Colorado town, the author skillfully leads her readers through one intriguing sequence after another, all culminating in discoveries at once wonderful, poignant, and bittersweet.

Reading this novel made me feel like I was sitting in the cozy den of a Colorado cabin in front of a roaring fire, listening to the author tell stories about people she knows. In fact, these characters and their narratives became so real to me that I am convinced these people are actually alive out there in the world, and I want to meet them.

A wonderful read, highly recommended.

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