Daily Review: Sizzling Cold Case by Rayna Morgan

Was it a tragic accident or a cold-blooded murder?

Warren gets a chance to solve ‘the one big case that got away.’ But will he put the people he loves in serious danger by accepting this challenge?

The first client of the Conley Austin Detective Agency brings an unsolved case from Warren’s past. Warren and his client are ready to convict Dr. Grant, the man’s son-in-law, and feel it’s an open and shut case. Can it be that straight forward….or will the murderer kill again before they prove his guilt?

You’re sure to enjoy their second endeavor involving a thriving business suddenly barely able to make payroll. Is this a case of poor business management…or embezzlement? Lea digs deep to find answers to her questions.

Finally, can you imagine the prestigious Conley Austin Agency tracking down a missing dog? More than the dog, it’s the diamond collar around its neck that gets them involved. Join the trio as they pursue this case with dogged determination!

Unplug and escape with SIZZLING COLD CASE, Book Seven in the Sister Sleuths Mystery Series. You’ll love this fast-paced murder mystery that keeps you guessing.

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By Rosemary

The opening day for the Conley Austin Detective Agency starts off with some exciting cases. Foremost Warren Conley is involved in a cold case that has haunted him for years. Was Emma murdered by her husband? Warren wants the bereaved father to find peace.

Maddy and Lea will help in any way they can. The Detective Agency is the next logical step for the Sister Sleuths. They are carrying out their dream. I’m happy to see their hard work pay off. These characters are like old friends. I’ve read all their previous adventures.

I like these women. They have spunk and aren’t afraid of danger. Now that their father is working with them I expect to see the action ramp up. After all, he was a Police Chief. Maddy and Lea are strong characters that I care for.

Their father is a perfect addition to the group. Combining all their skills enhanced the story. Rayna Morgan handles the multiple storylines with ease. I like learning more about Tom and his brother. Though the follow-up investigation into Emma’s death really grabbed my attention.

I was shocked by the unexpected twists in that case. I think that Sizzling Cold Case is the strongest book in the Sister Sleuths Mystery.

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By Javon50

Now working at Conley Austin Detective Agency, Lea, her father, Warren and sister Maddy, an interior designer and part-time employee at the agency arrive at their first day of work. Lea’s dogs Spirit and Gracie will be the agency mascots.

Wondering how soon they will pick up clients, in only a matter of hours they are hired for two different cases. Lea will work with a company to figure out if there is a case of fraud or embezzlement occurring in the small business that is suddenly losing money. Warren, former Chief of Police is hired by a client whose daughter was killed several years before.

Unwilling to believe that his daughter was killed in a botched burglary, he now demands that justice be served and asks that Warren open the cold case and find the truth. He is sure he knows who the killer is and wants Warren to finally prove it.

Working together these two sisters and their father will soon discover if their new venture will be a success. I love this series and look forward to seeing how two totally different sisters, along with their father, can work together.

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