Daily Review: Sipping Sangria by Jan Romes

A humorous, adventurous, loving friendship story that’ll have you loving these ladies

Recently single and trying to make sense of her life, Elaina Samuels could’ve never imagined such an amazing six months. She’d met Tawny Westerfield, Stephanie Mathews, and Grace Cordray at a cash-for-gold event.

They were there to trade in their wedding rings as a way to get a fresh start. Little did they know that fate would step in and put them together – first in the jewelry store and then to share their stories over wine in the bar across the street

They clicked from the get-go and a few weeks later, Elaina made an offer for them to move in to share expenses. Best. Decision. Ever.

Join Elaina, Tawny, Steph, and Grace as they continue their journeys to get life right-side-up with energy, mischief, chaos, fun, and a few tears.

Jan Romes

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By Lizzy

I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in Jan Romes’ Wine and Sweatpants series. The author really taps into the bond of friendship and loyalty, illustrating this beautifully and with the continued adventures of Steph, Tawny, Grace, and Elaina. Not only do these women have one each other’s backs, they also live together, adding lots of flavor to Sipping Sangria.

Romes has a real penchant for crafting witty dialogue. The book had many loud-out-loud moments for me. There were other moments when I really related to the angst in their respective (and collective) personal situations, but as this author does so well, she makes the reader want to applaud (and maybe even hug) the characters for their tenacity humor, and strength.

I don’t want to give away the story, but it’s the kind of book that makes you want to know the characters and hang out with them. If you’re looking for a read that is a lot of fun, yet relatable to what really counts in life, give this book (and this series) a try. I’ve already put the third installment, Merlot in Maine, on my TBR list. Great read!

Amazon Review

By KimPitbull

I’m so glad the author continued this series! It makes me feel good reading about these ladies. Elaina, Tawny, Grace and Steph met in a pawn shop, all them doing the same thing, getting rid of their wedding rings.

This author writes a humorous, adventurous, loving friendship story that’ll have you loving these ladies. They go through ups and downs of relationships and everyday life with help from each other and sangria.

The things these ladies get their selves into, and how the manage the situation at times will have you laughing. The chapter titles are hilarious, they make you want to read the next chapter.

Download this series, this is the second book, and laugh and bite your nails waiting to see what’s happening next. Their strong characters with everyday situations, but they have each other. I’d love a trio of friends like these.

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