Daily Review: Sins in the Sun by Claude Bouchard

The Vigilante Series is all about the bad guy getting his due and the good guys living to fight another day.

For most, “Caribbean vacation” invokes visions of sun, sand and fun, which is precisely what millionaire and government operative, Chris Barry, has in mind when he and his wife, Sandy, arrive in Puerto Plata – until they learn their good friend and resort manager, Ollie Lomas, has been severely beaten, the victim of intimidation by mobster, Pedro Gomez.

Assisted by his Discreet Activities colleagues, the Policía Nacional‘s Deputy Director and the head of the Navy, Chris embarks on an elaborate scheme, sparing no expense to teach Gomez that messing with the wrong crowd can and will result in dire consequences.

Claude Bouchard

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By Gabi Rosetti

Chris & Sandy Barry go to the Caribbean (Puerto Plata) for vacation looking forward to relaxation, fun & sun. Their good friend is Ollie Lomas (the resort manager) is a victim of intimidation and is badly beaten by Pedro Gomez, a mobster. There will also be a kidnapping…

Chris steps in and works with national police and the navy to track down the criminals and bring them to justice — vigilante style. He also calls his Discreet Activities colleagues to come and assist him in solving this latest mystery. Jonathan, Dave & Leslie arrive soon thereafter and that is when the real action begins

I enjoyed the descriptions of the Dominican Republic, full of rich detail about the people and places. You almost could feel the warm, tropical air and imagine the locations in the story.

Once again, I am reading this entire series in order from start to finish. Claude Bouchard draws you into the characters early on in each book and keeps your attention until the very end.

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By T. W. Barton

This is such a great series. This is the eleventh in the series and one of the things that makes it so great is that you can read any of the books and enjoy them on their own, although I recommend reading them all.

In this book Chris and Sandy is off to visit Ollie Lomas, a friend and have some fun and relaxation in the Caribbean. Right from the start things don’t go as planned. It seems that Puerto Plata is not as serine as they remembered it.

Pedro Gomez, the local crime boss has decided that the people of Puerto Plata should mind their own business and when Ollie refuses to back down things get ugly fast.
Fortunately for Ollie, Chris is not the type of man to back down when someone needs him. It doesn’t take long for a plan to evolve and Chris’s partners from the secret government agency Discreet Activities, start arriving.

Ollie isn’t the only person that Pedro has targeted and Chris soon finds more allies in the local police and the Navy, both of whom would like nothing better than to be part of an operation to put Pedro away for life.

I loved the imagery created in this story. The author has mentioned in interviews that he uses the places he travels in his books and you can tell just from the descriptions of the island.

The plot line moves along smoothly, without trying to throw the reader off or spring some unexpected surprises, The action and tension build with the chapters and by the end it proves once again that crime doesn’t pay, especially when you catch the attention of a very wealthy and connected vigilante.

If you’re looking for a story with twists and turns and hidden plots, this may not be the book for you. The plot is straight forward and you can see what’s coming and for me that’s the whole point of a vigilante story. The bad guy getting his due and the good guys living to fight another day.

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