Daily Review: Sharpe Point by Lisa B. Thomas

Sometimes the innocent are guilty.

In her new role as an investigator for a defense attorney, Deena Sharpe wants justice for the wrongly accused. She also wants to impress her new boss. But can she defend a person she thinks may be guilty?

The trouble begins when Deena trips over a dead body at the church’s haunted house and the police try to pin it on one of her new clients.

Sure, she wants to prove the client is innocent, but when suspects emerge—including the pastor, his wife, and his secretary—Deena is stuck in the middle of an unholy mystery.

What’s more, she must risk her reputation to sort through the secrets and lies of small-town politics while still keeping peace on the home front.

Sharpe Point, book 5 in the Maycroft Mysteries, is a traditional whodunit with plenty of mayhem and humor to keep readers turning pages well into the night.

Lisa B. Thomas

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By Kindle Fire Reader

Getting to know your relatives better is a lot like trying to solve a murder mystery in some cases. And in this book, the two things especially have a lot in common.

Deanna Sharpe and her mother in law have never been close before now. But when her mother in law is injured and needs to stay at Deanna’s house during her recovery, they each get to see a whole new side of the other person.

And they like what they each see. Oh, and incidentally they stumble upon the solutions to a few mysteries as well.

Well written family drama and mysteries combined.

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By cloudbird

Another great installment in the Cozy Suburbs Mysteries. Author Lisa B. Thomas has really hit her stride, and the writing seems to flow so naturally that you don’t even notice it. I felt more like I was watching a movie than reading a book.

The characters grow richer with each book, and Thomas continues to balance humor, small-town cozy, and a suspenseful riddle all in one. I can’t say too much about the ending without it being a major spoiler, but I was right that this was a hard murder to solve!

I will definitely keep coming back for more in this series.

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By Plum Island Gal

Lisa Thomas has written another fun, interesting and twisting book. The main character, Deena Sharpe is very creative, witty, and gets caught up in the happenings of her small town.

The story is full of clever turns. The characters are well developed, her calming and sensible husband, her “perfect” mother-in-law, her strange and quirky neighbors.

She is a retired school teacher who cannot resist finding the facts about murders in town.

You can go along with her and develop your own suspicions of the guilty party, the reasons behind the crime and discover many false starts. Deena forms opinions quickly, in some cases, and is then forced to step back and reexamine the facts.

I feel like I am part of the book, watching her change from one direction to the next, diligently developing plots and explanations.

I have read all of these books and love them all. They are not heavy and depressing. There is a good deal of humor and eye-rolling, warm friendships and changing time. Read them all and enjoy.

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