Daily Review: The Secret of Camp Whispering Pines by Tara Ellis

Mystery, secrets, fun, and laughter fill this book for teens and young adults.

What could be better than hiking, swimming, and horseback riding? Having a mystery to solve, of course!

When Sam and Ally go off to summer camp together, they discover the secrets of Camp Whispering Pines. Set in the beautiful, rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, the clues are slowly revealed and it’s up to the two girls to figure it out.

New friendships are formed, while at the same time enemies lurk nearby. The closer they get to uncovering the truth behind the camp, the further they are pushed into danger and deceit. Can Sam and Alley put all of the pieces together before it’s too late?

Follow them on another thrilling tale filled with excitement and adventure, along misty, high mountain trails and deep ravines, where the answers wait to be found!

Tara Ellis

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By Brenda Telford

When twelve-year-old best friends Sam and Ally found they were to head to Camp Whispering Pines for a week of swimming, horseback riding, and hiking, as well as making new friends, they were ecstatic. Soon Ally’s mum was driving them to the location of the camp, where they signed in and got settled into their cabin with some other girls, plus their teenage leader.

The beauty of the mountains surrounding the camp was hiding a multitude of secrets and Sam and Ally were about to get caught up in them. Would they discover the truth behind the camp director’s surly demeanor? Or were they putting themselves – and their new friends – in danger?

The Secret of Camp Whispering Pines is the second in the Samantha Wolf Mystery series by Tara Ellis and another entertaining adventure with the intrepid Sam and her sidekick Ally. Mystery, secrets, fun and laughter filled this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Written for young adults – tweens – nevertheless I had no trouble going along for the ride. Highly recommended.

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By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Sam and Ally are best friends. They have a passion for a good mystery, or at least Sam does. And they seem quite good at managing to get themselves into predicaments whenever encountering a new mystery. After having just solved one mystery, the girls are excited to have another summer adventure, this time at Camp Whispering Pines.

From the moment they arrive, Sam and Ally seem to be singled out as difficult campers. Sam particularly is quickly framed and blamed for an infraction of the rules and ends up doing kitchen duty, then suffering a day in the isolation cabin with her friend Ally.

Just when they think things couldn’t get any more strange, the girls stumble upon the source of the mystery and the reason why they are being framed. Who can they trust? Are the new friends who share the cabin in on the plot to frame them and have them expelled from the camp? Or is there someone else lurking in the background? And how do they prove their innocence and that there are evil doings afoot?

The Secret of Camp Whispering Pines is the second book (and second mystery) in Tara Ellis’ Samantha Wolf mystery series. Although the book stands alone reasonably well, a little more back story on the first mystery would help the reader who’s reading Book 2 without having read Book 1.

There is lots of action, exciting dialogue, strong relationships between friends, and well executed sleuthing. Although there are times when the verb tenses change back and forth from past to present, sometimes confusing the reader, the story reads quite well. Overall, this is an exciting mystery for young readers.

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