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By Kirsten Land

The writing leaves us with a hunger to continue the story. The author has written an amazing piece.

Equal parts mystery, drama, and fantasy, it’s an awesome story. Like the first book, the chapters are told from different character’s perspectives which adds to the mystery as we try to figure out who is the spy in the council.

Using this method, we also get to know the characters better than if the story were told solely from the main heroine’s viewpoint. Aristea is the main character and our guide to this world, but the story is so much bigger than what she knows.

Shayla Morgansen

And because she is new to many elements in the story (learning magic, reading about past council members, getting to know how the council functions), we get to learn and experience what she does.

Without giving too much away, we find out more about the characters and the past events that make them who they are now. We learn more about how magic works, not only how personal magic operates, but also how wild magic is used to judge and can be used to bind people together.

Without spoiling the story, the characters being magically bound to each other was one of the most interesting parts of story to me, and relates to the title of the book. The characters have been scarred in the past, but they also now choose their own scars and it makes them more powerful than if they had not.

Taking nothing away from Chosen which is a stunning debut novel, Scarred is darker and richer, and everything you’d want in a second installment of a series. I can’t wait for book three.

Amazon Review

By Adrian Abel-Bey

Amazing book! the author really goes out of her way to develop and expand upon themes established in the previous book (different classes of magic, relationship between renatus and aristea, and the limits of magic, amongst other things).

The plot centers around aristea being offered an apprenticeship, and ultimately the opportunity to join the white elm. At the same time, the white elm is dealing with a mole within their own ranks, and they need to find out who that person is.

The writing is deeply personal, and varies based on the narrator in the chapter – and it allows for us to see multiple perspectives on the conflicts in the dynamic universe.

The writing leaves us with a hunger to continue the story. The author has written an amazing piece here – don’t miss it!

Please click HERE to purchase Scarred. 

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