Daily Review: The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac by Christoph Fischer


Another fast-paced psychological thriller about faith and deceit.

Arpan has set up a training school and spiritual retreat on the small island in the Caribbean. Yet, the peaceful and quiet existence he has sought soon comes to an end. The arrival of Erica teaches him that loose ends won’t stop until they’re truly healed and dealt with.

Erica, out to seek revenge for past wrongs soon begins to fall under the Caribbean spell and the magic of Arpan. Torn between her desire for justice and her own longing for peace, what she discovers at the school sets her again on the path of confusion and distrust.

Set in a beautiful location and spiked with a crossover from the cast of Fischer’s other mystery novel, The Gamblers. this is another fast-paced psychological thriller about faith and deceit. Erica will finally find out the full truth about who tricked whom and we’ll all get an answer as to who will walk away with the last laugh.

Christoph Fischer

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By R.B.

The Sanctuary on Cayman Brac: Key To The Truth by Christoph Fischer is a refreshing return of Arpan, Anuj, Hilda and Erica from the previous novel, The Healer. Though I read the book after its release I just finished listening to the book on audio tape which I enjoyed immensely.

The timing couldn’t be better for this new release as I have been sitting with great anticipation wondering where this story will lead us. And now that I have finished this story,

I am surprised by all the twists that had me shocked at each turn. Nothing is as it seems and the questions only kept adding up.

I am a fan of Mr. Fischer’s work and The Healer has been my favorite thus far. The book just grabbed me immediately and played into my curiosity.

Though the location has changed from Wales to Grand Cayman in the Caribbean, or more accurately, Cayman Brac, the smallest island of the group, the intensity has only increased.

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What starts out at a fast mysterious clip, with Erica spying Arpan through binoculars, acts as glue the story. Right away I want to know what she’s doing, having found him on the island of Cayman Brac. He’s got a security system in place and she’s got a questioning mind as to this man who she thinks is a charlatan, yet there was the mysterious past connection that made her body tingle.

Was it just the human sixth sense, she ponders, and the story continues. Starting out with revenge in mind, she changes. Why?

And what part does Arpan have in this change? Set in the beautiful Caribbean Island, spells are cast. But is it the Islands allure or Arpan’s wizardly ways? Where does all this take Erica? No spoilers here but suffice it to say, there is a perfect build-up of story tension/conflict as pages are strewn with mysterious turns involving a pharmaceutical company, corrupt patient chart mix-ups, greed, a healing school, looking for truth, a mysterious key, chakras, and many more metaphysical twists. How does it all end? Truth be told,

I didn’t see it coming. It was an unexpectedly satisfying ending. A good read for an afternoon cozied up before the fireplace.


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By Amazon Customer

This was a very interesting psychological thriller, and definitely a different one. What I really liked about this story was that it was set in such a paradise-like location, and just the setting itself sets it apart from other stories written in the same genre.

Another thing that I enjoyed was reading about the inner workings of a healing school (a sanctuary of sorts) where energy and subconsciousness are much more important than any kinds of material possessions and desires. The contrast between such peaceful existence and the thriller aspect, where a traitor might be lurking among the students of Arpan’s school, certainly makes it a truly gripping read.

I must admit, I never saw the ending coming, and that was another pleasant surprise for me; I love it when the author can surprise me like that! Overall, it was a great, riveting story which I would highly recommend. Five stars.

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