Daily Review: Sacred Alarm Clock by John T. Biggs

Civilization‘s last hope lies in the hands of people who never quite fit into the old world.

White man’s power runs through copper wires. When the wire is cut, their clocks all stop, Geronimo whispers to Wylie E. Chatto, a mentally challenged young Apache man. Soon, Chatto smells rosemary—the scent of complicated things, of trouble brewing on an electric stove.

Electricity is the first to go. Then gasoline. Then law and order.

The Sacred Alarm Clock doesn’t tick. It rides in on an influenza strain called New Flu. It starts with nausea but soon goes to the brain and puts the victim into a Spanish Inquisition frame of mind.

Civilization‘s last hope lies in the hands of people who never quite fit into the old world. People like Chatto, who saw the whole thing coming in a vision; Mona and Chris, star-crossed lovers hiking across a ravaged countryside in search of civilization; Karma and Joseph, a pair of outcast teenagers who find themselves at odds with a city full of wild dogs and crazy people; and Mary, who forages for food and ammunition across a derelict urban landscape while avoiding gangs intent on her rape and murder.

John T. Biggs

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By writer01

So unique is John Bigg’s voice that the reader isn’t sure who is speaking the author or the character. Or both at the same time. John’s daring style breaks several taboos or literary writing. His talent makes that fact A-Okay.

The best part of his style is that he allows his readers to make their own conclusions about events like characters that disappear from view and aren’t resolved. For me, I wonder about Ral and Wylie. But that’s okay. You know each character to the depths of their beings.

What genre this novel is seems irrelevant. post-apocalyptic mysticism? He knows Oklahoma, Indians and their cultural superstitions, and how to blend the two. 5-Stars really isn’t enough.

Amazon Review

By Tina Mari

Sacred Alarm Clock is a compelling post-apocalyptic novel set in Oklahoma City when the white man’s technological world crumbles and life as we know it ceases to exist. As the darkness prevails, it’s a world where according to the Colonel, “In the last days, religion and crime are almost the same thing.” It’s a time and place where the scent of the herb Rosemary in the air is a sign of impending danger. A world where “Sanity and terror are exactly

In Indian Territories like OKC, Native American philosophies, religions, and traditions have survived generations. Time in the sense of hours, minutes, and seconds has never meant much to an Indian; even more so now that time has stopped. In the new dystopian world where Christianity has morphed into insanity and the Sacred Alarm Clock has rung, the continuance of the human race depends on a handful misfits and NA ancestral ways.

It’s a world where humans and animals are forced to battle against each other for survival. A world where man and animal on occasion must join forces and fight as one. It’s a raw, violent, vicious place. The only reminders of life as it was are rusted relics on the highways and fast food wrappers navigating themselves on wind currents. As you watch the pulsating blood from a biker’s slit throat cease and the red foam accompany his last breath, as fear runs up your spine, you can’t help but wonder if you are strong enough to survive the remnants of civilization.

Sacred Alarm Clock is a gripping fast read. As always, John’s unique writing style brings every character and every scene to vibrant life. Full character backstories, detailed descriptive backdrops are written in such a way that they smoothly melt into the main story enhancing the visual depth for the reader. The characters become so alive you forget they are not real.

Sacred Alarm Clock is almost prophetic. With the current divisions of the United States populous and the current religious and political turmoil of today’s world as a whole, a situation similar to John’s story is a scary, feasible consideration. Even more reason to read this book.

No matter what the reader’s favorite genre, John will have him in his grips by page four on this book. It is very well written. With its larger than life characters, visual effects, and it’s relativity to today’s world, Sacred Alarm Clock is a Five Star read that you just can’t put down.

Bravo, Mr. John T. Biggs! You have an extraordinary talent.

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