Daily Review: Running from the Past by Cindy Davis

It’s always the small towns that contain the deepest, darkest secrets.

It started as a beautiful fall afternoon

Glenn and Lindsay Reade are out buying used books for their bookstore—always seeking that valuable First Edition so coveted by collectors.

The first warning is swift and to the point

But Glenn and Lindsay don’t get it until their lives are threatened a second time. All they’ve done is read a young girl’s diary and attempt to locate the owner. Just because the journal describes some horrific events is no reason for anyone to want them dead. Is it?

The book is obviously more than fifty years old.

Who in the tiny close-knit Berkshire town could still care?

But someone does.

And that someone is willing to kidnap and murder to protect a long-buried secret.

Sometimes we ask for trouble.

Sometimes drops in out of nowhere.

And sometimes trouble hits close to home.

Cindy Davis

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By L.A.

Running from the Past is not your typical mystery, at least it does not begin with a dead body. However, the book opens with a deliberate car crash in which Lindsay’s husband almost died, and a string of mysterious, life-threatening events followed.

I enjoy the relaxing pace and the cozy setting. The bookstore in a small town where regular customers come for social gathering is simply charming. I tend to forget the mystery among the interesting characters and witty dialogues.

The writing is beautiful with great editing. I can’t wait to read more from this author!

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By Kayla Krantz, author of Dead by Morning

It’s always the small towns that contain the deepest, darkest secrets. When Glenn and Lindsay find an old diary, they are horrified at what they read inside but since the thing is half a century old, they push it out of their heads. Until their lives become endangered.

Running from the Past was a wonderful whodunit which kept me flipping pages, wanting to know all I could about the characters and the mystery they found themselves in.

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By W. Zwudak

Ever find that one book that pulls you in from the first line and keeps you riveted until the last page? Running From the Past is one of those rare gems.

The characters are real, like people you probably know. Within a few paragraphs, you forget you’re reading and feel like you’re a part of the story. You never know the whole story, why someone wants these two second-hand booksellers harmed until the very end.

While I’m reading a good mystery, I want characters who care about each other. This book delivers. Lindsay and Glenn have that love and devotion that helps buoy them through the rough times. That’s beautiful and engaging.

If you’re looking for a great book for a long weekend or that one book to go on the keeper shelf, then you need to read Running From the Past. I give this book two thumbs way up.

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