Daily Review: All Roads Home by Lisa Diaz Meyer

A widely diverse yet compelling collection of dark short stories and poetry that weaves emotion, personality and depth into each piece.

Lisa Diaz Meyer lives on Long Island, New York with her family.

In All Roads Home a book of short stories, poems, and plays she breaks down tales of science fiction, sorrow, and romance along with peculiarity, preternaturalness, and isolation.

Lisa Diaz Meyer

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By Zane Summerfield

I had my eye on this book for some time, then I had it sitting in my kindle for far too long. Now that I’ve read it, I can’t say enough praise for this outstanding collection.

I’m a big fan of short stories and poems. This book delivers on both. It also has plays too, which I felt were a bonus and I’d not been a reader of plays until now. They made me want to grab my family and play them out, giving each of my family members a character to reenact would be so much fun.

Well written, keeps you engaged and each story carries a dynamic tone that I found enjoyable.

The author’s poems are outstanding and works of total art. They cause one to think, to ponder and to walk away with a notion of fulfillment.

I loved “Tara’s Garden” and would say it was one of my favorites throughout this very impressive collection. I really loved the diversity of this author’s ability into writing, showing her skills was impressive.

From short tales to poems to plays that all held my attention well, giving me something to really enjoy and that was what I loved about this book overall, the fact that I was engaged throughout and enjoying each of the tales within.


By New Apple Literary

A widely diverse yet compelling collection of dark short stories and poetry that weaves emotion, personality and depth into each piece.

Author Lisa Diaz Meyer’s All Roads Home is tagged as a collection of dark short stories when in fact it is much more. Included within its pages are poetry, a wide variety of themes and genres as well as play versions of five of the more interesting tales.

All pieces are written by the author which means even though the theme, genre or style may vary from title to title, the underlying soul of the work shines through regardless. It is not disjointed or unconnected the way many short story collections feel upon completion. Especially those anthologies made up from many author’s individual works.

There is no underlying theme to All Roads Home yet the stories and poetry all work within the same volume.

The collection is divided into six separate sections. The first of which, ‘The Outposts’, makes up nearly half of All Roads Home. ‘The Outposts’ is comprised of seven stories taking place in a dystopian future where childbearing women are rare due to an outbreak of cancers.

Georgia is one of those in-demand females with the ability to help rebuild the human race, at the cost of her personal freedom and will. Her parents hide her under the guise of a boy named George before she escapes the Beta Outpost with two male companions.

The seven stories within ‘The Outposts’ follow Georgia’s exploits into a world that may be more horrific than the one she escaped. Full of hope, love, courage, and danger, ‘The Outposts’ is the flagship of Meyer’s All Roads trilogy.

‘The Enduring’ is the second section of All Roads Home. The stories within evoke emotion and in some cases, end at their climax leaving the reader to come to their own conclusions.

‘The Oddities’ are exactly that. The six stories within are thought-provoking and engaging but also stand out as the most basic within the book, following what most readers would feel is the structure of a short story. That said, this does not take away from their significance within the book. A dinner party in purgatory with Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler?

‘The Particulars’ is a mix of macabre short stories and poetry with ‘The Fragments’ made up of only the latter. I found the poetry within ‘The Fragments’ to be some of the most powerful pieces in All Roads Home. The final section is ‘The Play Versions’ which includes scripts for five of the titles from previous sections.

Meyer’s writing style and ability to grab her reader’s attention within the first paragraph of a short story leads itself to a very successful collection.

Weaving emotion, personality and depth into each of her pieces whether it be a two-page stand-alone short story, a poem, or a continuing tale worthy of its own novella, Lisa Diaz Meyer has created a widely diverse yet compelling collection in All Roads Home.

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