Daily Review: Riddled with Clues by J.L. Greger

Drugs, murder, the FBI … even a romantic relationship, all combine to make this latest offering a must read.

Udon Thani” while investigating the movement of drugs from Cuba into the U.S. However, he doesn’t know anyone called Red, and the last time he was in Udon Thani was during the Vietnam War.

After Sara listens to his rambling tales of all the possibilities, both are attacked. He is left comatose. As she struggles to survive, she questions who to trust: the local cops, her absent boyfriend, the FBI, or a homeless veteran, who leaves puzzling riddles as clues.

J.L. Greger

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By John M. Wills

I enjoy reading thrillers, page-turners that draw the reader in and refuse to let go. J.L. Greger’s novels meet those criteria and more. As a former university professor in the biological sciences, she adds a new dimension to her stories—education. While reading and enjoying the story, one can learn about interesting aspects of science, such as epidemiology, through the author’s characters.

Sara Almquist has been the protagonist in several previous novels written by Ms. Greger. In her most recent thriller, Riddled With Clues, we once again follow Sara as she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery involving an Albuquerque VA Hospital.

To make matters even more interesting, the author makes sure she involves scenes from her extensive travel throughout the world, which includes Cuba, Bolivia, Beirut, and the Emirates. As an added bonus, Ms. Greger incorporates her pet therapy dog, Bug, in her stories as well. A nice touch.

Riddled With Clues has all the ingredients one needs to settle in comfortably and read through the night. Drugs, murder, the FBI … even a romantic relationship, all combine to make this latest offering a must read. Settle in and see if you can solve the riddles.

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By D. R. Ransdell

A worldwide medical jaunt stretches from past to present in this intricate sequel to J.L. Greger’s I Saw You in Beirut. Once again Sara’s fearless curiosity leads to military adventure! Too headstrong to give up or give in, she presses forward until even the authority figures she’s surrounded with start to crumble. A heroine for her times,

Sara is brash and competent because her heart insists she do the right thing—no matter the personal cost. Deep histories that intersect with Sara’s feelings and passions enhance the rich plot line. he juxtaposition of quiet moments that are easily relatable with the action sequences where Sara has to wield a gun and make instantaneous decisions help the readers imagine themselves in her shoes and root for her, especially when it seems that no one else is willing to do so….

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By Amazon Customer

J. L Gregor has written a winner! Riddled with Clues, is an exciting mystery/thriller that will keep you turning the pages. Sara Almquist lives on the edge of intrigue and danger. I’m drawn to independent, beautiful and intelligent women.

In Sara Almquist, J. L. Greger doesn’t disappoint. Can Sanders, Xave and Sara solve the Riddle through the accumulated evidence of the mysterious “Red from Udon Thani”?

Once you’ve read Riddled with Clues, you will want to read “I Saw you in Beirut” another Sara Almquist thrilling novel by J. L. Greger.

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