Daily Review: This Rich & Wondrous Earth by Linda Burklin

Oh my goodness! Linda Burklin’s adventures at a boarding school in Africa are amazing.

Imagine being told at the age of eight that you’ll be going to boarding school. Imagine that the boarding school is in a remote corner of Zambia, in central Africa. For the author, that was just the beginning of a world-class adventure.

Adjusting to Africa and to her British boarding school at the same time, she embraced her new life and soon acquired a circle of close friends who would do anything with her–from sneaking outside the dorm at night to ranking the enemy (boys) every day.

From heartbreaking betrayal to a practical joke gone horribly wrong, to being unfairly accused of leading a rebellion, Linda’s adventures will draw you in and take you to another time and place.

Linda Burklin

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By Vickie

Oh my goodness! Linda Burklin’s adventures at a boarding school in Africa are amazing. As the child of missionaries, she was placed in the boarding school along with her two brothers, while her parents served on the mission field.

This book details Burklin’s days living in a dorm with other girls, going to school, building relationships, peer pressure, and all the mishaps of growing up. But it’s all done in Africa.

What a gift for the reader to share Linda’s experiences.

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By Kindle Customer

I really enjoyed reading this book about life at a Christian boarding school in Africa in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The author is an excellent writer and I found her stories fascinating and entertaining. I felt as though I was right there with her experiencing it.

After finishing the book I had to immediately go online to research all I could about the school. I also enjoyed seeing the pictures the author and others posted online of the school and students.

I wish she would write a part two about her life in High School. I wonder if it was as adventurous?

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By Donita K. Paul

I’ve had several adult friends who were missionary kids and spent years in boarding school. When asked about what those years were like, they always gave me sketchy answers. None of these satisfied my curiosity. There was no way to go back and be a missionary kid in boarding school, and I believe the practice is going out of date. Perhaps not, but I had given up the idea of getting a full picture. And then this book came into my hands.

I relished the tales of snakes and mosquito netting, fruit and bugs and friendships and bullying. The telling is so much richer than I expected: personal, straightforward, humble, and ringing with authenticity. I thoroughly enjoyed this book have gone back to read my favorite sections.

(A lot of these involved the river and half-term days.) Another favorite-the wonderful punishment of being sent to the closet to sleep. If only the faithful (and somewhat quirky) teachers knew what was going on, there would have been a lot less fun, and this wonderful book would have been so much shorter. Indeed,

I’m glad they were oblivious to nighttime drama and pranks that livened up the boarding school.

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