Daily Review: The Rain Man Murders by N.E. Brown

A page-turner from the very first. A gripping tale that sinks its hook in deep and won’t let go.


Pounding rains flooded the rivers, streams, and lakes in Dallas, Texas, depressing the city, darkening the days, and leading to murder. Detective Mark Wilder had been weathering some storms of his own for a long time.

The loss of his beloved several years ago remained stained deep into his heart. Detective Wilder was good at his job and then the storms came. The first body was found on the banks of the Trinity River, the rain wiping away any hopes of clues to the murderer.

One morning at a café, Mark meets Sarah Mason, a legal secretary, and is instantly drawn to her. Is it a coincidence she leads him to his first key piece of evidence? Before he can find out, another corpse is found on the banks of Bachman Lake. Again, the evidence is washed away by severe thunderstorms the previous night.

Sarah’s volunteer work at Calvary Baptist Church’s thrift shop connects her to the case. Her co-worker at the thrift shop may also, but Mark’s concern has more to do with the man’s abusive background and his unholy fascination with Sarah. Is he the man stalking her?

Although his and Sarah’s relationship deepens, and sparks fly, he can’t completely rule out her involvement. Especially when a third murder occurs on another rainy night and more evidence is discovered at the church.
Mark must solve these murders.

He must stop whoever is murdering members of Calvary Baptist, and he must still the storms in his heart. He’s convinced of the first two, but even he wouldn’t bet on the last one.

N. E. Brown

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By Anne


A page-turner from the very first. A gripping tale that sank it’s hook in deep and wouldn’t let go.

The characters are strong, especially Wilder. Well written, perfectly paced, with an excellent mystery to solve.

Even the best will have a hard time trying to figure out this whodunit.

Looking forward to more by this author.

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By Book Editor

Summers in Texas are normally dry and hot. Farmers and urbanites alike pray for rain, but when the drought ends, streets can be flooded and bridges can be washed out.

In N. E. Brown’s new mystery, The Rain Man Murders, the reader may conclude that members of the Calvary Baptist Church could have prayed a little too intensively – if that’s possible. Obviously, their petitions have been answered.

Rain has blanketed Dallas, Texas, and Detective Mark Wilder, the protagonist, wishes the rain would let up. He works in the homicide division.

Solving a murder is difficult at best, but when bodies are found after big thunderstorms, his job becomes more and more challenging. The rain washes away evidence he could use to track down the serial killer.

When Wilder meets Sarah Mason, a legal secretary, who volunteers at the Calvary Baptist, his life becomes more complicated. More than once, unusual donations are made – suspicious objects – in the thrift shop where she works as a volunteer. She alerts Wilder who must consider the unthinkable.

Is the murderer a member of the church?

Could Sarah be involved?

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By RobinLovesReading

I found The Rain Man Murders to be a fantastic romantic suspense story. I was completely drawn into the dynamic of the relationship between Mark and Sarah. The investigation of the murders required Mark’s full attention and put quite a damper on the progression of their relationship. Aside from that, they both had baggage that required caution to be necessary.

Mark’s dedication to his job, almost singly at times, read true to me, especially during the setting in this book. He was stretched really thin and was portrayed remarkably well as a true hero, one that I truly admired. Sarah was a wonderful character as well, and her motives played quite true. Frances, Sarah’s co-worker at the thrift shop, well, he not only creeped Sarah out, he creeped me out as well.

In all, I think that N.E. Brown did great characterization in this book. It was quite interesting and was a really quick read. I kept turning the pages because of wanting to see the murders solved, Frances caught out, and of course, progression in the relationship between Sarah and Mark.

I would definitely read Ms. Brown’s books again in the future.

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