Daily Review: Race Into Murder by Karen Black

A terrific tale of horses and hate, of breeders and greed.

A thoroughbred trainer’s dream is about to become a reality but could cost him his marriage, or even his life. When a well-known jockey is murdered, evidence leads to the arrest of an innocent man, and the fate of three families hangs in the balance.

As the homicide investigation continues, it brings past relationships to light and influences some of the horsemen to take matters into their own hands, exposing those who would stop at nothing to reach a goal.

Through it all, the races continue. RACE INTO MURDER is a mystery that will keep you guessing.

Karen Black

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By Jada Ryker

The Million Dollar Derby is the first of the Triple Million Race Series for three-year-old horses. Fury, a gray colt, is ready to make his owners’ vision of winning a reality.

Angie Jane McCoy, or AJ, is a talented jockey. She wants to stop that vision for Fury. Instead, she wants her own horse to win. She’s ambitious and driven. How far will she go to stop Fury?

The murder mystery combines memorable characters, a villain we love to hate, and Karen Black’s insider view of the horse racing industry. It’s an excellent whodunit that’ll keep you guessing right up to the end.

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By Clarissa Simmons

I was in the middle of reading another book and thought I’d just read a few pages of Karen Black’s Race Into Murder but no, couldn’t put it down! In under 50 pages, I had bonded with the characters–excellently developed–and the horses.

I really have no knowledge of horses except a traumatic ride on one at a rental–he only wanted to bite my foot and being once at the race course and losing my bet. So to me, the horses in this book were characters, also finely developed.

Black’s style of writing is reminiscent of Dan Brown’s in that everything is laid out like a logic problem, like a realistic photograph. But just when we think we have solved the mystery, well, we have not. Her deceptively straightforward writing is actually quite tricky! Since Mystery is my favorite genre, I tend to solve them quickly.

This one, however, had several possibilities and I am happy to say that I was surprised. And in the best Karen Black tradition, carried over from her short stories (see her Amazon author page) there is a bit of a twist. Sequel on the way, Ms. Black?

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By Kitty

What is it about a fast-running, brilliant colt that puts so much joy into the hearts of so many and avarice into more than just a few? FraziersFury is one of the brightest and best runners on the track—and someone wants his fame to end, one way or another.

Murder-mystery lovers, this is a book that does not disappoint. Like a well-made knife, it has a balance that feels right all the way through.

The author writes a terrific tale of horses and hate, of breeders and greed. She takes her time in revealing who gets killed, spending time instead writing a believable backstory and letting the reader become familiar with all of the characters.

By the time the deed is done, there are so many possible culprits and red herrings that it becomes quite a fun game to try and figure out “whodunit.” The detective who gets involved definitely has his work cut out for him.

The author’s biography does not tell whether or not she spent much time around racetracks, but if she didn’t, she did an incredible amount of research into the sport. I came away knowing so much more about horse racing than I ever knew before.

Entertainment and enlightenment—a two-fer!

I highly recommend this book.

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