Daily Review: Purple Kitty by Chariss K. Walker

A dark dystopian novel, gripping, compelling and psychologically thrilling.

Serena McKay, P.I., won’t be your mother’s favorite female sleuth. She’s certainly not of the Jessica Fletcher ilk and this is not a cozy mystery.

Serena has suffered from devastating emotional and physical abuse. She lives in a post-apocalyptic time where existence is nightmarish at best and disastrously chilling at worst.

As a strong, albeit dysfunctionally flawed private investigator, Serena uses every weapon in her arsenal to solve bloodcurdling crimes in this hard-boiled, dark-fiction, dystopian thriller series All while a notorious serial killer is after her green eyes.

Chariss K. Walker

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By Sheri A. Wilkinson

Serena McKay is a Private Investigator set in a Set in a post apocalyptic world. She had a rough abusive upbringing. She is emotionally damaged , yet determined to catch a vicious killer. She will use what ever it takes to get the job done.

The story moves at a rapid pace , told through the voice of Serena. She is unique and not your average P.I. (I found) her to be very likable. The story is intense, with violence ,(with) the most horrific heinous crimes committed. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Overall I found Purple Kitty, gripping, compelling and psychologically thrilling.

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By MikiHope

This is a really DARK dystopian novel. It is a world where very few are rich and most are extremely poor–very little middle class at all. Serena McKay had a horrendous childhood until she was literally deserted by her Mom and ended up in a State run home.

Luckily she was taken in my a loving and good couple! She had attempted suicide right before her Mom disappeared–and Serena was left alive but with a super power!

She went on to become a police officer. The male cops really gave any female a hard time and did things that –well lets just say there are ways to stop sexual harassment now! She eventually left the force and became a private investigator.

She takes on a case to find a missing child. The abductor is not who you think it is–but there is a serial killer after her–and her green eyes.

This one honestly gave me nightmares. Heaven help us if our world ever really turns out like this. There are scenes that are not for the faint of heart. If you truly love horror and/or psychological terror then this is the novel for you.

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By Carolyn Hertz

Purple Kitty: A Serena McKay Novel by Chariss K. Walker is about a former cop, who is now a private detective. Serena McKay is tough with a hard edge but gets the job done.

This is a disturbing story because of the subject matter (pedophiles), but the author tells a gripping tale. The characters are well developed. There is something “off” about the mother’s story of her missing daughter. I gave it five stars.

When Serena wants to do hard drinking, it’s at home. However, this night she was drinking vodka at Scotty’s Pub where Jimmy was the bartender. He’s a gentleman and knows her well.

“’You’re a good man,’ I praised. ‘Thanks for giving me space to nurse the troubles. Solitude is usually where I find solutions.’”

In her work Serena does unpleasant jobs and people want photographs to prove or disprove something. “I use black and white photos. It isn’t the harsh reality of splashy Technicolor. Vivid hues make an indelible impression. Still, any picture is hard to forget. As they say, ‘worth a thousand words.’ It imprints itself on the brain and psyche. Soap and water won’t wash the images away either. Nothing will.”

Serena learned more from her foster family than from her own mother, Cleary. “Relationships usually boil down to a couple of questions without judgment: What do I want from you? What am I willing to give back in order to get it?”

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