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The Presidents Club

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By William D. Cumult

 A fun, quick read and you will fall in love with all the different characters.

The writing is fresh and solid, although it does skip around from scene to scene and a bit from time period to time period, like maybe here in present then two weeks past then back to present. But it is not annoying and it is easy to follow. The characters are very well developed. It’s as if you have known them your whole life. That is done well. The plot is well conceived and carried out well. I’m very happy with Etier’s book and look forward to reading other ones he has written.


The story is about a Politician who is going to run for President with a “New Deal” or “New Agenda” or “New Initiative” for America, whatever you want to call it. He got the idea for his initiative from when he stopped in a community bar in a small southern town and found a group of Octogenarians who were intelligent, funny, loyal, honorable and cared about their country. They had good ideas about how to reform government and Thibault loved what he heard.

He went on the offensive and put their words into action. But his action plan stirred up a whole pot of trouble from a group of people who, well frankly, have been running things for decades. So much so that they are the ones who killed President Kennedy (Thus the Conspiracy Theory).

Thibault knows that he is being stalked and he is worried about his friends at the bar. So he asks John Hixon, ex-FBI agent to come can provide security for the men.

That’s when things go down the drain quickly. People start to die, people are upset, John Hixon is in the middle of it and frankly is frustrated because the last time he helped out Thibault he took a bullet for his trouble.

John is a private man, an honorable man, a loyal man, a mountain of a man and loves his friends as well as his three dogs who live in the woods with him. He is the type of hero we all want to read about.

Well, I won’t tell you anymore so that the story is not spoiled. BUT, this is a fun, quick read and you will fall in love with all the different characters.


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