Daily Review: Pirate Hole Murders by Stephanie Parker McKean

This charming tale is a real mystery. It has great characters and it has a beautiful setting.

When a group of friends—old bones detectives who are young at heart—find and rescue a kidnapped child, it is just the start of a mystery that puts them all in danger.

They chase clues from their small Scottish village to York, England, to the Isle of Mull, as danger stalks them.

They are determined to find their favorite waitress’ missing uncle for her.

Twice they believe they have succeeded in finding him, and twice they discover they have failed. But none of them could have imagined how their desperate search for her missing uncle would end.

From having pets stolen out of their yards to recovering a missing hearse and body for the funeral home, to being shoved off the city wall at York in England, to a tumble into a pirate hole, their quest for truth takes them along avenues of danger and adventure that they never expected.

And when they finally find the missing uncle—their dilemma is just beginning.

Stephanie Parker McKean

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By The Roving Reader

In this novel, the Fog Busters, consisting of six very appealing senior citizens, solve two very difficult crimes.

The story begins at Scotland’s Cowal Highland Gathering where Isla, a little girl of around five, turns up missing. The Fog Busters immediately join the search for her.

The plot becomes more complicated when the waitress where the group gathers asks them to locate her long-missing uncle. What they find is an unidentified body.

Their investigation of the case takes them to York, England, and into danger. The book comes full circle in an exciting ending.

I always find Stephanie McKean’s setting and plots intriguing as well as the historical facts she includes. I am looking forward to her next novel!

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By Bargee

This is the third in this wonderfully quirky and charming series and I enjoyed it just as much as the first two.

The Fog Busters are personalities that grow into your heart and this time I found myself becoming fond of dear Peg, who plays quite a significant part in this book (in Mushroom Murders it was Susan’s turn).

All the other Busters are still beautifully consistent and the way they interact as senior citizen detectives on a mission to solve the mysteries of a missing uncle and a buried body is delightful.

This is the best kind of book to snuggle up with before bed. It’s a real mystery, it has great characters, it has a beautiful setting. There is also a wealth of history and interesting information about the area and Scotland as a whole.

Well done again, Ms. McKean!! It’s a great read and highly recommended. I really hope there’ll be another one that will bring out a bit more of one of the other characters as I am so enjoying getting to know them all.

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