Daily Review: Phoenix Fire by Billy Ray Chitwood

A tale of loss and rivalry, this book is a powerful tribute to the importance of family and the redemptive power of love.

A Phoenix, Arizona, entrepreneur and an ad agency director fall in love in a most unusual way. Their relationship is interrupted by sibling clashes, a gambling addiction, a murder, and a matriarch’s secret that ultimately causes emotional chaos and disorientation.

This is a book that will draw the reader into the story and compel them to stay glued until the end. The gripping climax to PHOENIX FIRE is powerful, and tissues are recommended.

Treat yourself to a marvelous romance, mixed with some suspense and a desert odyssey to save one’s soul.

A truly great read.

Billy Ray Chitwood

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By eden

Phoenix Fire is a story about many things:—sibling rivalry, love, and family. Two brothers raised by their grandmother is the foundation for a tale that delivers both tender and taut moments.

Even when competitiveness for fortune and the love of a woman threaten to drive them apart, the story brings us back to the relationship of brothers. It’s a bond that cannot easily be broken, not unlike that between a man and a woman.

Focusing on values that bind us and a love that is enduring, Phoenix Fire is a story written with heart.

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By Diogenes

When Jenny Mason meets eligible bachelor Jason Prince following a near-death experience, her future looks rosy. But complications arise in the form of Jason’s wastrel brother Carlton, and a family member is terminally ill. The course of true love never did run smooth…

Billy Ray Chitwood’s novels always contain a subtext of yearning for love and comprehension of a complex world, but in ‘Phoenix Fire’ the philosophical musings are more overt and integral to the story.

A tale of loss, rivalry and the search for redemption, this book is a powerful tribute to the importance of family and the redemptive power of love. Keep a handkerchief handy.

Highly recommended for the romantics among us.

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By Timothy M. Tays

I have read many of Billy Ray Chitwood’s books.

He clearly is an author who loves to write because his genres range from suspense to crime to memoir to political opinion to psychological thrillers to Phoenix Fire, a blend of romance and suspense, heavy into characters’ psychology and psychopathology.

I am admittedly a fan—especially enjoying Chitwood’s frequent dips into depraved human psychology and behavior—and Phoenix Fire does not disappoint. The sibling rivalry is perverse yet believable, and the protagonist’s inner-demons are understandable, deadly, yet something to be risen above.

Bravo, Mr. Chitwood, for another enjoyable two-day read (I read quickly wanting to see what would happen next.).

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