Daily Review: Pensions, Tensions, and Homicide by Tricia L. Sanders

The story makes for a kooky, suspenseful whodunit with an ending you won’t see coming.

Cece Cavanaugh’s latest job recommendation comes from a former friend—a woman who turned her back when Cece needed her friendship most. Cleaning a flooded school is a big job, and Cece needs money for Thanksgiving dinner.

But when she finds herself ankle-deep in mud, checking the pulse of her friend’s ex-husband, the job takes an unexpected turn and ensures the arrival of hunky Detective Case Alder.

With her divorce from her trust-fund husband just days away, Cece is determined to keep her emotions in check. That’s hard when tensions are high, and Alder is determined to keep Cece out of harm’s way.

As Cece cleans the school, she learns more about the suspects, teachers and staff present the day of the murder. As she gathers evidence, the killer closes in on his next target.

To compound her problems, Cece’s elderly mother arrives in Wickford—baggage in hand, and still Cece isn’t ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Despite a threatening note, a series of false leads, and wrangling her runaway mother, Cece narrows down the suspects, but will the killer seal her fate before Cece can solve the case?

Tricia L. Sanders


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By Mary Ingmire

Cece Cavanaugh is at it again. Instead of whistling while she works, Cece finds dead bodies.

This time it’s in a high school and the victim is a teacher who happens to be the ex-husband of the friend who recommended her for the cleaning job.

The murder brings her back in touch with Case Alder, the homicide detective she met in Ms. Sanders’s first book in the Grime Pays mysteries. Cece has been avoiding Alder because the morals clause in her pre-nup can cause her to lose any financial settlement her cheating rat of husband will owe when their divorce is final.

His mother is watching her like a hawk. Then her own mother shows up. It’s another fun read in the series.

One thing I’ve noticed is that Cece is growing as a person. When her ex-monster-in-law told her the children (Cece’s) would spend Thanksgiving with her (the Witch), Cece let her know they were adults and they would decide where to spend Thanksgiving.

The old Cece would have canceled her plans to prepare her own family dinner.

This is a great series!

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By L. Dunn

Cece Cavanaugh receives an emergency phone call from Ed Jennings, the principal of Wickford High School. There had been a storm that left the lower level of the school a muddy mess.

When arriving at the school, Cece encounters her former tennis partner, Liz Blevins, who recommended her for the cleaning job.

When Cece separated from her two-timing husband Phillip, the country club set shunned her, which included Liz.

While the principal is showing Cece, along with Liz, what needs to be cleaned, they encounter a body – a dead body.

Oh no, Cece, here we go again! 911 is called, & Principal Ed instructs faculty & staff to convene in the in the cafeteria. Case Adler (the hottie detective) gets the call to investigate the situation.

He and Cece have kind of have a love-hate relationship.

Due to Cece’s previous “experience” with murder scenes, Adler advises her to keep her ears open but nothing else. Fat chance that will happen! Besides, Liz is asking Cece for help too.

Through the twists & turns with multiple suspects with many motives, this book keeps your interest. You get invested in the characters.

All this along with the unexpected visit from Cece’s mom, it makes for a kooky, suspenseful whodunit. And of course, there is another surprise ending. Tricia, hurry up with Book 4!

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