Daily Review: The Oscar Dossier by Lesley Hayes

Do you like stories that take one step beyond the ordinary and explore the true craziness that we all possess? If so you do not want to miss THE OSCAR DOSSIER.

Who exactly is Oscar? He seems to be one thing for one person and something quite different for another. Is he a brilliant artistic genius or a mad, lovesick fool?

And the women into whose lives he sweeps with his wild Genghis Khan looks and his courtly passion each have their own tales to tell. Be beguiled along with them as you enter the slightly surreal world they inhabit. And watch out for the Polish ranting parrot – he spits.

This delightful collection of four interlinked stories will amuse and intrigue you, and leave you wanting more. Luckily, Lesley Hayes has provided them. Two other collections are here on Kindle, and more are yet to come.

Lesley Hayes

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By Robert

Do you like stories that take one step beyond the ordinary and explore the true craziness that we all possess? If so you do not want to miss THE OSCAR DOSSIER.

These four intertwined stories are a wonderfully quirky look into the life of a man – Oscar – and the three women who he loves, or, who he thinks he loves, or, who think they love him…hell..what is love anyway? I will say my favorite character is Wilfred – a cursing Polish parrot.

I would greatly enjoy him sitting on my shoulder while my in-laws visited. Once again Ms. Hayes has written a delightful book.

She is a master of characterization and I truly enjoy the way she puts her words together. A thinking person’s book that will leave you with more smiles than tears.

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By Val

It is said that the artist as the observer is also observed. In The Oscar Dossier this is the case. Using four stories, that each stand on their own, the author presents a mosaic of Oscar and those who know him. The story is at times comedic, tragic, and absurd.

The author’s presence in this work is unobtrusive but identifiable in the compassionate intimacy with which these stories reveal the characters. The stories and the studies take the risk of being sketches in the artist’s notebook, studies done on the sly.

But the artist has made them full, complete and satisfying for the audience. By the third story, the closing of the circle that this represents emerges and by the last story you will know that you’ve enjoyed a small, well-written gem.

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By Ruthz

A wonderful collection of short tales connected with each other and yet unique and with quirky flavors. This 4 chapter dossier takes us into the marriage/love lives of the characters – starts with Oscar and Lily having tea, then he meets Judith with her polish swearing parrot, Wilfred, Judith’s parents, Jay and Gregor.

I love the way the author has put the different characters/stories together and seamlessly connected. The love angle between Oscar and each of these women is fascinating and interesting. At many places, the emotions are captured so masterfully that leaves reader teary-eyed and confused about the real Oscar.

The funniest part was the parrot Wilf who ends up with Oscar. The book was fast-paced and vivid enough to imagine the lives of the people thru just a conversation at tea. Kudos to the storytelling skills of the author. Judith’s difficult relationship with her parents was my favorite part because it struck a personal chord.

It leaves the reader curious and hungry for more about these characters, that you can’t help grabbing more of Lesley’s books. Perfect short read after a busy afternoon.

Please click HERE to find The Oscar Dossier on Amazon.

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