Daily Review: Not Without Nancy by Jan Romes

Whenever I want a little faith in men and human kindness, I read one of Jan Romes’s books.

Texas cattleman Trigg Sinclair works hard but when the day is done he powers down to an easy-going, sometimes-mischievous guy. He’s had his eye on Nancy Reeger from the moment they met at Ty Vincent’s wedding. She feels like his perfect match even though they couldn’t be more opposite. In hot pursuit, Trigg puts himself out there only to have Nancy do everything short of hosing him down to cool things off.

With a lot resting on her shoulders, stressed-out cardiac rehab nurse-manager, Nancy Reeger doesn’t have time to relax let alone dally with a well-known player. Trigg Sinclair is a handsome eyeful whose persistence intrigues yet heightens her anxiety. The guy is used to getting what he wants and won’t take no for an answer.

Will a woman who takes care of hearts, break Trigg’s?

Jan Romes

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By KimPitbul123

Whenever I want a little faith in men and human kindness, I read one of Jan Romes’s books. I just read the fourth installment in The Texas Boys Falling Series, Not Without Nancy. I’ve read every one of them. These men are the sweetest, handsome, rich and nicest men in Texas.

Each one has family and friends that’ll be there no matter the circumstances. Each story unique in its own way. This is Trigg and Nancy’s story, I think one of my favorite, Nancy just rocks! Trigg is the rancher of the boys, I love him because he is so down to earth, literally.

Nancy is an RN. Trigg has had eyes for Nancy since the moment he’d met her through Maggie. He’s let her know it too, she’s turned him down every time. Nancy is basically married to her job, most nurses are overworked and understaffed.

Their friends think they’re meant for each other, the press shows Trigg in a different way. Nancy doesn’t need heartache in her life, she’s had enough of that. Can Trigg and Nancy’s friends help these two, or is there still one more Texas boy on the market?

I’ve looked forward to every one of these stories. The characters are people that I enjoy spending time with. Download your copy and meet some new friends.

Amazon Review

By Sugar

Not Without Nancy was, in my opinion, a true love story for one simple reason, it was real. Ms. Romes put Trigg Sinclair and Nancy Reeger through the paces of the things you experience in a real relationship. You may love each other, but that doesn’t mean everything is going to be rainbows and daises.

For Trigg and Nancy, their early relationship was anything but. Nancy is consumed by her job as an RN in the cardiac department. She can’t blink and they find another reason why they need her there. Trigg Sinclair has more money than Heinz has pickles, but he learns quickly that does him little good when it comes to Nancy. She’s not about the material things, heck, she’s not even all that into Trigg, or is she?

The Texas Boys Falling Fast series has kept me consumed with the boys from Ms. Romes imagination. Jake, Ty, and Quinn all had wonderful whirlwind relationships that left them with the one they love, but Trigg is special and I was anxiously awaiting his story.

The author did not disappoint. Trigg is a cowboy through and through, but his unusual tender side left him open to Nancy in ways he never expected. He connected with her on a level that took him, and her, by surprise, even if the ‘pylons’ in the world tried to keep them apart. Trigg had to work to convince Nancy his reputation as a playboy was all tabloid fodder, and Nancy had to take a giant leap of faith to believe him.

With the series wrapped up, I will admit I want to know more about Sam, the bartender at the bar Nancy’s best friend Maggie used to work at, and if he finds his one true love. I’m a sucker for the supporting character that holds everyone up because you know they have a story worthy of reading.

Not Without Nancy is a touching, funny, realistic and happy look at the modern relationship in a time when cell phones, internet, and television keeps us a little too connected to the things that can lead us away from our true path, and convince us that we should believe what we see on the screens. In Nancy’s case, she had to learn that seeing WAS believing, but first she had to figure out the right things to see.

Well done, Ms. Romes, on a series that is sure to keep your readers coming back for more!

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