Daily Review: No Freedom by Inge-Lise Goss

Mystery, science fiction, murder, and a touch of romance will have you breathless during the entire story.

Can humans survive the android uprising?

Paislee Hobson is born into a world struggling after a war that killed most of the world’s population. Rebuilding has been accomplished through androids developed by and under the control of The Institute. The human population has been divided into strata.

An Artificial Companion

Paislee, a legal clerk, is a member of the upper stratum. Her recent boyfriend dumped her. To avoid another heartache, she purchases a human-looking android companion, Pellegrin. No one suspects Pellegrin is not human. He arouses and satisfies all her desires and is a polished companion and conversationalist in public.

Murder and Missing Persons

When strange things begin to happen around the courthouse, people start acting mysteriously. Some disappear and others are murdered. Pellegrin’s true identity surfaces as he slowly and methodically takes over all aspects of Paislee’s life. She is in turmoil trying to find a way out. The love of her youth appears and she longs for a life that is denied to her.

Can Paislee regain her freedom or is she doomed to a life under Pellegrin’s control?

Inge-Lise Goss

Amazon Review

By Susan Ricci

In the beginning, Paislee Hobson considered her new android totally awesome software – he’s so human in every way. He’s a culinary chef in the kitchen and an expert lover who caters to her every whim without being told what she likes – almost as if he’s known her forever. He’s an upgraded edition and drives a hovercraft only the very privileged are permitted to own

She’s enjoying this futurized version of friends with benefits until things don’t add up –

Secrets, mysterious devices, and betrayal are the new order of life – after a world-wide computer hack, life is downright difficult for humans, where androids and bots rule – and humans are implanted with microchips so the new government AKA The Institute, can keep tabs on its population.

The Institute rules the United States, not to mention their expansion into Europe, and use enhancements as punishments to dehumanize people.

What about that blue dot Paislee suddenly has on her skin, pointed out by Tate, her former lover, as she now wonders if the gift of Pellegrin Murr from her parents is a friend or a foe? The Institute is warring with the resistance.

Is Tate the leader of the resistance?

Why weren’t they allowed to be together in the first place?

Mystery, science fiction, murder, and a touch of romance will have you breathless during the entire story. I can definitely envision a sequel to this fine novel in the future – pun intended– for this thrilling novel – how about it, Ms. Goss?

Five golden stars awarded for this electrifying, futuristic adventure, and penned by a most talented author.

Amazon Review

By Uvi Poznansky

No Freedom is a compelling dystopian thriller set in a futuristic civilization, where the human population has dwindled in the aftermath of war, and androids are used to restore the world. Here, intimacy is simulated—no, faked—as an easy way to compensate for the heartache of human relations.

Paislee belongs to the upper stratum of humans, and her love to a boy in the lower one is forbidden. So she tries for a relationship that is approved by her family, thinking, “I actually believed he could fill a void left in my heart by the boy who would always be out of my reach”—only to be dumped.

Needing to bring some control into her life, she purchases an android companion, Pellegrin. “He had a very masculine bearing and looked exactly like his picture, immaculately groomed with every strand of hair in place.”

First, he fulfills all her desires to perfection, both in public and in public. “The intimate things he did to me. I had never read about.” Only later does she realize the danger he poses to her, as he takes over all aspects of her life, His around-the-clock surveillance of Paislee turns her into a prisoner, helplessly trapped into helping his cause.

Will she find a way back to an existence that allows her to be free to make her own choices? Will Tate, the boy she loves, be able to protect her in this cold, regimented world? “As long as the rebels fought, there was a chance to save the human race.”

Five stars.

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