Daily Review: All That Never Was by Joyce DeBacco

What is Jeffrey’s secret and how could it destroy their new-found love? Or will it?

No longer able to live with himself after committing an unspeakable offense, Jeffrey wants to end his life in the quickest way possible.

Megan has also lost the will to live after losing her husband and only son. But she’s taking the slow approach, withdrawing from life little by little.

When she finds an injured and unconscious Jeffrey on her porch in the middle of a blizzard, she does what any caring person would do and takes him in.

But Jeffrey’s road to recovery is hampered when he awakes with only vague, troubling images from his past, a past that’s inexplicably linked with Megan’s.

Joyce DeBacco

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By Serenity

A most interesting story that delves into how past incidents affect the future. Megan is trying to pick up the pieces of her life after a couple of tragedies. A knock at her door by Jeffrey in the dead of winter will alter both of their lives. Realizing he needs help, she lets him into her home although she does not know him.

The author takes the readers into the minds of both of the main characters. Both have problems and each helps the other overcome their fears.

One thing I really like is the small menagerie that Megan has on her land. I even had a LOL moment when Norma the goat had to stay in the same space as Daisy the Duck. Living in rural Vermont this one really makes me smile!

The plot and the characters are both well defined and the reader has a mystery tossed in to boot. We never know what life has in store for us and this book definitely will illustrate that to the readers. My title ‘One Small Step’ does refer to both Megan and Jeffrey as that is how a successful journey always starts.

Most highly recommended.

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By Author Leigh Cheser

Jeffrey Spalding is despondent. A successful plastic surgeon, his personal life is unbearable. Making the decision to end it all, he sets about putting his affairs in order.

On New Year’s Eve, he travels north from Manhattan to Duffy’s Mill, a small town on the Hudson River. A raging blizzard doesn’t stop or postpone his intent. Leaving his car, he walks to a railroad bridge in a desolate location; he then jumps into the black abyss.

That same night is the second anniversary of the death of Megan Locke’s husband, killed by a hit-and-run driver while walking their dog. Her grief is so intense, it’s left her agoraphobic.

Megan makes a life for herself, living in the old farmhouse she and her husband lovingly restored. An entrepreneur, her small hand-made jewelry business doesn’t pay the bills, but the mysterious $5,000 cashier’s check that comes in the mail every month does.

As the blizzard rages on, there’s a sound on her front porch. Opening the door, she finds Jeffrey, all but frozen, and badly injured. It’s soon evident Jeffrey remembers nothing of his life before waking up in Megan’s house.

Jeffrey and Megan have suffered greatly in their pasts, and find their hesitant and sometimes worrisome blossoming love difficult to understand. But, is their love destined to crumble as Jeffrey pieces together his life before Megan?

What is Jeffrey’s secret and how could it destroy their new-found love? Or will it? Can they overcome the pain of the horrible truth? Will it be the end for them or a surprising new beginning?

I very much enjoyed this book, with its multiple surprising twists and turns. I’d read it again, and recommend it to others. I give it 5-stars.

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