Daily Review: Murder in the Third Act by Sonia Parin

She knows she rules of society but bends them often in her pursuit of the truth.

Evie, the Countess of Woodridge, is hosting a house party to celebrate the end of summer.

Some of the guests include a famous actress trying to revive her career, a theater critic renown for his biting reviews, a newspaper owner in need of a scandal and more than a few guests with motives for murder.

Evie could not have hoped for a livelier group of guests to amuse her granny, Toodles, who has finally arrived for a visit and is eager for some entertainment.

However, Evie gets more than she bargained for when one of the guests dies right before their eyes.

Squeaky clean lighthearted cozy mystery set in the 1920s

Sonia Parin

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By Star Gazer

I love this 20’s historical series. All the characters are back and grandma is over from American for a visit. She is a great addition and I hope she has an extended visit.

Each book can be read stand-alone but to get a feel for all the actors (when I read it like watching a play in my mind) please start the series from book one.

I definitely recommend the series for an enjoyable read. Just don’t start it late in the evening because you will be up until the early morning.

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By Gwen G

I just love Evie! She’s such a delightfully spunky character. The latest murder has her investigating from her country house to the theater in London.

I really enjoy her relationships with Tom and Caro! As an American heiress who is also a widow to her English husband, she is quite a complex character.

She knows she rules of society but bends them often in her pursuit of the truth. Her grandmother Toodles finally makes an appearance in this story and she’s a hoot!

A thoroughly delightful story that you really can’t put down!

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By Krystyna

Brilliant. What a terrific read. Wonderful characters – from Toodles her intrepid Gran to our heroine who again lets her little grey cells loose – a great plot (well constructed and brilliantly executed), snappy dialogue and wonderful humour lifting it from the average to fabulous. (Actually made me laugh in places and not many books do that)

It all started because she wanted to become known for being a great hostess. Her weekend guests were a mixed bag, from her Gran, the dowagers, an art critic, a newspaperman, a down at heel wife, the head of a publishing company and two stage stars (one from the silver screen and one from the boards).

It ended with a ravaged garden and a quick trip back up to Town.

When the art critic dies she immediately suspects murder. With the hapless Tom in tow, she tries to find out who is the killer. In a race against her Gran and the dowagers (they had purloined Caro to their cause).

But which group will figure out who, how and why?

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