Daily Review: Murder at the Car Rally by Sonia Parin

The characters are as varied as the English weather and just as eccentric. A lighthearted 1920s cozy mystery.

She can run, but she can’t hide.

When Evie Parker, Countess of Woodridge, decides to spend a day in London unaccompanied she has no idea she will encounter the one person she has hoped to spend the rest of her life avoiding.

There’s no escaping Isabel Fitzpatrick’s exuberant energy and desire to show off her new husband. However, the encounter sets off a series of events and brings trouble right to Evie’s doorstep.

Even when Evie manages to return to her country house in Berkshire, she finds the only way to avoid her childhood friend is to flee by joining a car rally group, but trouble pursues her and now a man has died under suspicious circumstances.

Stranded in a small village with a group of bright young things and a killer, Evie and her bodyguard, Tom Winchester, assist Scotland Yard Detective Inspector O’Neill to unmask the mastermind behind a drug trafficking ring.

A difficult task when everyone seems to be hiding something.

Sonia Parin


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By Kindle Customer

Evie sneaks off to London without Tom one day and is accosted by a childhood friend she doesn’t much like. Isabel is aggressive and competitive as well as pushy.

Next thing she knows Isabel is dragging her out for meals to meet her car racing husband. On returning home, there is a whole car rally at her house in search of their friend last known to be with Evie.

Evie hears that Isabel has invited herself to her home and so impromptu joins the road rally. Along the way, Isabel suffers a car accident and murder is suspected leaving the whole party relying on the hospitality of a stranger.

Darker motives are at work luckily Evie and her friends and employees are on the job.

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By Thomas

Sonia Parin is going to have to work really hard to knock this one out of my favorite story in this series.

Fantastic settings, plenty of action, and I couldn’t stop laughing at Evie’s second cousin (twice removed). I have to wonder if Evie is going to have any employees (servants) left before she’s through? I also hope that Phillipa will become a regular in the stories.

Evie is on the run from her acquaintance from the U.S. that is looking to spend some time with her.
In the process, Evie, Tom, and their new friend Phillipa are once again in the middle of a murder investigation.

This time it’s Isabel Fitzpatrick’s husband who was killed, and Phillipa motor rally is suspected of having a criminal mastermind hiding among them.

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By Kindle Customer

A great read. Okay the Bright Young Things aren’t that bright but it has a nice plot that evolves slowly into the solution but with nice twists and turns that have you wavering as to who is responsible.

It actually confirms the theory that with a title or some kind of fame you really don’t need a lot of money to live as people bend over backward to grant you hospitality.

The characters are as varied as the English weather and as eccentric. However, for all our heroine’s detective skills she still hasn’t made the connection with Tom.

Her new friend has left to meet up with her friends and their motoring group. When she comes back from a trip up to Town (where she had the misfortune to run into her nemesis) it is to find them parked on her doorstep.

Hoping to avoid her nemesis she agrees to join the group but only to find her nemesis and her husband have tracked her down, witness a car crash and although her nemesis has survived, her husband has perished.

Throw in an open house invitation, sabotage to the cars, her renewed acquaintance with the Scotland Yard detective, mysterious parcels filled with drugs and murder.

Can she, Tom, her maid (who masquerades as a cousin), the detective and her new friend catch and break the crime ring that has eluded the Yard and hence the killer?

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