Daily Review: Mistletoe Murder by Karen MacInerney

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Murder.

It’s Christmastime, and farmer Lucy Resnick is living the life she’s always dreamed of. When she’s not selling her jams, soaps, and mistletoe bundles at the Buttercup Christmas Market, she’s enjoying cozy evenings by the fire with her knitting group–or her handsome veterinarian boyfriend Tobias Brandt.

But less than a week before Christmas, a pall falls over the festive atmosphere when local man Randy Stone turns up with a knife in his back… and a sprig of mistletoe in his hair.

Local sheriff Rooster Kocurek, never the brightest bulb on the string, is convinced it’s an open-and-shut case–murder by a jealous wife–but Lucy suspects otherwise.

She soon discovers that Randy’s life was more tangled than last year’s Christmas lights… and that unless she wraps up the case fast, there might be more than one funeral this holiday season.

Karen MacInerney

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By Beagle Girl

The more books I read in the Dewberry Farm series, the more I want to move to a small town in Texas!

Mistletoe Murder is another winner from Karen MacInerney – set at Christmastime in the very cozy town of Buttercup.

Murder is always depressing, but especially during the holidays, and when Lucy Resnick is asked to help clear the name of her friend’s sister who is accused of killing her cheating husband she has her work cut out for her.

Meanwhile, old bones and valuable paintings found during the restoration at the courthouse may be clues to the disappearance of another man.

A nicely woven tale, and a quick and clever mystery. A+

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By Kay Pucciarelli

Karen MacInerney’s new Dewberry Farm mystery, Mistletoe Murder, was an excellent read! The romance between Lucy and Tobias is very sweet and I always look forward to seeing where it’s going in each new book.

I also love the “goings-on” at the farm and in Buttercup.

This story was a short mystery, very appropriate for the busy holiday! I haven’t been much for reading mysteries during the holidays, but this book may change my mind!

As always, the recipes sound delicious and I will be trying them out this Christmas season!

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By Tari H

I loved this Christmas mystery set in Buttercup, Texas. I hadn’t read a book in the series for a while and was more than ready to read this when one of my online book clubs picked it for tonight’s discussion.

I was really glad that Sheriff Rooster was kind of on the sidelines instead of in the main story. He was so infuriating in the first two books, lol.

I had to laugh when something funny happened to him! His deputies did just fine investigating the case without him.

I hadn’t figured out the killer, but I did guess part of something else that was going on.

There were a couple of side mysteries going on, one which involved finding some stolen paintings during the courthouse renovation as well as some bones that had been buried under the courthouse.

It was interesting to watch former investigative reporter Lucy run with this. I really like where she and Tobias are in their relationship now.

Flora even found someone in time for Christmas.

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