Daily Review: The Misplaced Mob by John Rose Putnam

A must read for all lovers of gritty crime thrillers.

When a young girl is found dead of a botched abortion in the swimming hole of a small, rural amusement park Roy Martin, the new Sheriff of Laurel County, takes it in stride.

But the next day, after barely escaping death when someone fires four rounds of buckshot into his oncoming patrol car, Roy realizes this case is not only dangerous, it’s personal.

John Rose Putnam

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By Charlie

John Rose Putnam usually writes westerns – which I really like. I’ve read most of his western books. I was surprised at how easily he transitioned to writing such an engaging 1950’s crime story.

He was spot on with dialogue and social standards of that time period. This book reminded me of some of Robert B. Parker’s books – another great plus for me as a fan of both Parker and MacDonald’s styles.

I highly recommend it. And, if you haven’t read his western series, check those out too.

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By Bri

This is definitely a five-star read. I was always disappointed when I had to put this novel down to do other things. I loved the small town feel of the story. Roy is the new sheriff in town from New York, but he’s not new to the town.

I enjoyed being privy to Roy working through solving the crimes. But, most of all, I liked that he gave credit where it was due. Lily is a great character. She is brave and smart, but just as humble as the sheriff.

The pace of the story is in sync with the small town police department working to bring down the big boss when the sheriff doesn’t know whom he can trust. As the story approaches the end, the pace, the action, and the suspense pick up.

I enjoyed this novel one hundred percent.

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By Enrico Grafitti

John Rose Putnam may be familiar to many readers as an author of outstanding westerns. However, in The Misplaced Mob, he turns his hand to 1950’s small-town America for a superb noir crime tale that will have readers flipping pages late into the night.

A big-city cop returns to the town where he was born to take over the job of Sheriff. He faces the mysterious death of his predecessor, of his own father before that, and several young girls who are turning up beaten and dead in the local lake. His crime team, a seasoned ex-Chicago detective, a younger patrol officer and the precinct telephonist. In the opposite corner, the New York mob. What a wonderful premise for an original story!

Author Putnam perfectly captures the feeling of the mid-nineteen-fifties with a profusion of small details that build a credible backdrop for his story of conspiracy and corruption. He populates his world with engaging characters with a notable standout in the form of Lily, the aforementioned telephonist, who evolves to become a very adept crime fighter.

One aspect of this riveting tale was the pace and rhythm which reminded me of the crime movies of the mid-to-late forties and early fifties, exemplified by Bogart and movies like The Big Sleep and Double Indemnity.

Putnam uses his writing magic to imbue the tale with the same punchy resonance that lived in those noir classics through spot-on dialogue and character interaction. A must read for all lovers of gritty crime thrillers.

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