Daily Review: Mind Games by MJ LaBeff

MJ LaBeff has probed the dark recesses of the human heart to craft a riveting page-turner.

Sparrow Von Langley had a childhood that was anything but typical. Born into the privilege of wealth in Crystal Cove, California, her father is Dr. Theodore Von Langley, a well respected, nationally known behavioral therapist. Tormented by frightening visions brought on by a series of mysterious deaths, Sparrow is determined to search for the truth behind the tragedies and reconnects with Dr. Derrick Sloan.

Derrick has been searching for his missing sister, Kathlyn “Kat” Sloan since her disappearance ten years ago. A hypnotherapist helps Sparrow pull together the pieces of her traumatic past, and her repressed memories reveal the twisted truth behind the mysterious deaths and Kat’s disappearance.

She is shocked to discover her father’s possible involvement, and when her hunt collides with Derrick’s search for Kat, she must decide if she can trust him enough to follow the evidence trail together or risk losing the man she loves.

Will the only daughter of the respected doctor prove his guilt or innocence in his quest to change lives?

MJ LaBeff

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What happens when those entrusted with the well-being of others are a danger themselves? This riveting debut by exciting new author, MJ LaBeff, takes us down a treacherous road where nothing is as it seems and offers a terrifying answer that very question.

Mind Games sucked me in from the opening lines and LaBeff’s well-crafted story kept me on the edge of my seat. The author’s pacing was on-point and I had a hard time not devouring the whole thing in one sitting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful tale and I look forward to LaBeff’s next offering! Bravo!

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By S. J. Hermann

Sparrow, a daughter of a well-renowned psychologist, sees and hears dead people. While attending the funeral of her boyfriend who hung himself, she has a vision. She watches him take his final breath only to wake to tell her that she must stop somebody from killing. Sparrow brushes this off and heads home, but this is only the beginning.

In comes Derrick. A physician who operates a mobile medical clinic for those in the streets, who is searching for his missing sister. It’s about this time Sparrow and Derrick fall in love that Sparrow begins to see a dead girl who has apparently drowned in the ocean.

That is the setup. What you get from there is a masterful tale full of twists to keep you on your toes. The doubts from Derrick about Sparrow’s visions, even she has doubts, to her families suspicious behavior. It all builds up to a great conclusion.

The writing is well done and pulled you along with the story nicely, with the exception of a few spots that dragged on. For a debut novel, Mrs. LaBeff should hold her head up high.

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By Fowler

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! There is something to be said for an author who can keep you asking, “What in the world is happening?” throughout almost the entire book in a good way! I couldn’t put it down because I just had to know what was going to happen next.

I really love that the main character isn’t weak or unable to accept the truth about the situations she faces in the book. She seems real and you can truly understand all the emotions she goes through. The ending is my favorite – She’s a hero and Derrick is a real heartthrob!

Additionally, I should say that the moments of intimacy were done very tastefully. You knew what was happening but without all the lurid details and I really appreciate that.

Overall, you’ll really enjoy this thrilling ride so get it. It’s good stuff.

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