Daily Review: Marked Masters by Ritter Ames

The clock counts down as the bodies and forgeries stack up.

Laurel Beacham made working solo a personal success story and is known for her nerve, instincts, and ability to do whatever necessary to return each priceless masterpiece safely intact. As the world’s leading art recovery expert, she’s thwarted more heists than the average law enforcement professional. Museums applaud her skills. Thieves admire the cunning way she operates.

Her last job landed her the head position over the London branch of Beacham Foundation but bringing one case to a close only opened a bigger one. More importantly, the new case inextricably ties her to Jack Hawkes, a man smart enough to be her equal but who keeps her trust meter firmly in the red zone.

Trying to stop a rumored heist of the century, the pair leap headlong into a plot that gets more dangerous and elusive by the minute. The clock counts down as the bodies and forgeries stack up.

Ritter Ames

“Laurel and Jack are back! Once again I have to hold on to my hat while we zip around Europe and land in lovely Florence where author Ritter Ames lures me in with her delightful vignette of Italian life seen through the eyes of an art expert. The scenes call out to all the senses, and who am I to say no? Ciao.” – Maria Grazia Swan, Author of the Lella York Mysteries

“This author is sheer perfection when it comes to using descriptions and locations that are richly done and offer sharp details throughout the entirety of the story.” – Suspense Magazine

“What Ritter Ames does so admirably well is parcel out just enough information–just enough of backstory or relationship history–to keep a reader hooked. She sets a maddeningly expert pace and keeps you on the edge of your seat scene after scene, all the time dropping you deeper and deeper into the plot. In a word, she’s masterful.” –Girl with Book Lungs

“Boasting a great cast of characters, good conversations, and the global background, this was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to the third book in this exciting series.” – Dru’s Book Musing 

“Well-plotted and will keep you guessing until the very end…The action is nonstop and you will find that you can’t put this book down. Mystery readers will enjoy the chase and be pleased with the outcome. I can’t wait to read the next in the delightful series. If you like your mystery filled with hunky spies, then you should be reading Marked Masters.” – MyShelf Reviews
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