Daily Review: The Man You Meet in Heaven by Debbie Viggiano

Review: One of the funniest, most down-to-earth books I have ever read.

When Hattie Green pops to the shop one afternoon, she never expects her life to flash before her eyes between the tins of baked beans and a special offer on sliced white.

One minute she’s loading her trolley and thinking about what to give her son for dinner, and the next she’s speaking to a gorgeous man in a glowing white suit about what her life could have been…

If you had the chance to go back and relive it all, what would you do differently? Go on that date, take that promotion… eat that second biscuit?

Hattie is about to discover where she went wrong, but will her mystery second chance reveal some STONKING secrets in her past that probably should have stayed hidden?

Debbie Viggiano

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By Lisa Ann Sherman

Hattie Green is a grown woman who believes she has a good life. She has a lovely little cottage, a wonderful son and a dog who adores her. Hattie wants nothing to do with men, so why is her mother so insistent in trying to match her up?

Trying to get out of meeting her mother’s latest matchmaking attempt, Hattie goes to the grocery store to lose herself in the aisles awhile. While traversing the Valentine’s Day aisle she’s muttering to herself and trying to speed her way through when a handsome guy approaches from the other direction.

He strikes up a conversation and asks her to join him for a coffee at the store’s café, but Hattie turns him down and hurries into the next aisle. She’s made it to the baked beans when out of the corner of her eye she sees the overhead sign come crashing down towards her!

When Hattie “comes to” she doesn’t know where she is and a gorgeous man is beside her saying that he’s there to help her “review” her life. What’s up with that?

If you could go back and relive your life, what would you change? Are you truly satisfied with the choices you made? Have you any idea of how your life impacted the lives of others? Are you really happy with the way things turned out for you?

For fans of “Heaven Can Wait” and “It’s a Wonderful Life,” The Man You Meet in Heaven is a terrific tale of one woman’s life and how the decisions she makes affect both her life and the lives of others.

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By Berit

A funny feel good story….

This book was kind of a mash-up of those old George Burns’ movies “Oh God,” and“A Christmas Carol“ kind of the story of the ghosts of boyfriends past… with the part of Shmoop being played by Josh… and I guess then Ebeneezer is played by Hattie, although Hattie has a much better disposition….. having said this I can absolutely see this book as a movie it would translate to the big screen very well!

Hattie has sworn off men after her marriage to a philandering husband ends… it is Valentine’s Day and once again Hattie’s mother wants to set her up… BUT Hattie is saved by the aisle sign…. yes the aisle 3 sign literally falls on her head scattering baked beans and leaving Hattie unconscious… she wakes up to find herself in the “After Life Lounge“ where she meets Josh… I don’t know about you but if I had to relive my love life, I don’t think I’d be in heaven!

Even though this book had a lighthearted feel about it it did make you question some things about your own life…. would I change anything about my life if I could? In particular my love life? My own answer is a resounding no! Even though I am also divorced, there is a lot I learned from that… but even more importantly I wouldn’t have my kids if I had not married their father…. although it would be interesting and cathartic, just as it was for Hattie to revisit my mistakes in 4-D….

An enjoyable read that will leave you with a smile on your face, recommend to fans of romance and fun!

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