Daily Review: In This Life by Terri Herman-Ponce

At times bewildering, alarming, and thrilling, In This Life never disappoints.

When psychologist Lottie Morgan meets Galen, their encounter is as intense as it is eye-opening. Something about him is familiar. His looks. His words. His touch.

Lottie can’t resist the urge to know more about him, or the smoldering memories that surface every time he’s near. Only Galen’s keeping a dangerous secret, one linked to a life shared thousands of years ago. One that could destroy the relationship Lottie has with her current lover David.

One that is about to cost Lottie her life. Again.

Take a trip to mysterious ancient Egypt, where powerful passions ignite and deadly deceptions begin. The Past Life Series starts here.

Terri Herman-Ponce

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By Annette Maria May

I’m always hesitant when I read reviews that say, “I couldn’t put it down!” because quite frankly, there have been few books in the last 10 years or so that I haven’t been able to walk away from. Well, now I’m one of those people writing a review prefacing that you should set aside some time and be prepared to be immersed.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, this book is so well written with character development, plot twists and plenty of attention to detail that the suspense of 2 timelines will keep you hooked!

To me, David was most certainly spot on in his characterization in reference to his job. A law enforcement personality with the perfect mix of loyalty and someone who tries to understand what he can’t see. And Lottie…..with her endless need to understand what she did see and couldn’t explain to David within a rational means.

These two characters are perfect for each other and exhibit exactly why opposites attract and gain mutual respect for one other.

Bravo, Terri! I purchased the second book in this series 5 minutes after turning the final page to this one.

Amazon Review

By Cary Morgan Frates

Mesmerizing. This is a tour de force by Terri Herman-Ponce. At times bewildering, alarming, and thrilling, In This Life never disappoints.

Psychiatrist Lottie Morgan is having some serious memory issues, and the people in her life not only aren’t helping, they may be making the situation worse. Especially her boyfriend, ex-military hunk, David. Pragmatic and an “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of guy, he shows extraordinary patience with her, but that has its limits.

And, in the spirit of adding insult to injury, she may have a stalker. What is going on?

Even as Lottie’s woes and confusion pile up, the reader glides happily along, enjoying the lyric writing, the otherworldly quality of her ‘memories’, and the evocative recounting of another life and love. Wonderful. Very well done.

Please click HERE to purchase In This Life on Amazon.

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