Daily Review: Kiss Her Goodbye by Harvey Burgess

The dialogue is great, the characters well sketched, the pace fast and at times furious.

Houston Cash is an ex-cop turned private investigator who doesn’t expect his life to be extraordinary, and that’s just how he likes it.

But that’s rarely how it seems to work out for him.

His cases tend to take him places where he has to employ his skills, his sense of humor, and his sense of right and wrong to maximum effect to solve the problems of the interesting people who walk through his door.

Though his network of friends and contacts help him navigate the labyrinths he encounters, it almost always boils down to Houston’s own abilities to see a case through to the end.

When Houston makes the acquaintance of a bank executive’s wife, he finds himself thrust in a world of money, sex, murder, and double-crosses; it’s just another day for a detective (or so it seems).

But this woman is about to lead him on a path of twists and turns with an unexpected finale, and not everyone survives.

Can Houston’s instincts help him stay out of too much of the trouble she represents?

Harvey Burgess

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By Jeanne Harrell

Kiss Me Goodbye was a detective romp similar to Robert Parker’s protagonist, Jesse Stone.

I enjoyed the author’s fun similes such as “I was starving like a fly on a cow patty” and his use of TV and radio references.

Burgess’s turns of phrase were interesting like If wishes were horses I’d never ride again.”

The plot kept me wondering what the next page would bring.

If you enjoy smart-alecky detectives, Houston Cash is your man.

Great story and good work from the author.

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By Cynthia Hamilton

I really enjoyed this book. The protagonist, Houston Cash, is immensely likable, despite his somewhat haphazard business practices.

He’s a former policeman turned P.I. with a healthy appreciation for the ladies.

Despite all his experience, he is not quite prepared for what follows when a beautiful woman hires him to find out if she’s being followed.

The author does a great job fleshing out the story with a large, quirky supporting cast of characters.

There were lots of twists and surprises, all adding to the fun. I sure hope there will be more books to follow!

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By Gae-Lynn Woods

Harvey Burgess throws enough twists and turns into KISS HER GOODBYE to keep even the most fanatical PI fan guessing!

Houston Cash is a great character – integrity balanced with pragmatism and grit. He’s struggling with a past divorce, working in a small, grim office, and isn’t the flavor of the month with all of the local cops.

Hungry for a new case, his outlook brightens when the beautiful wife of a billionaire banker strolls into his office.

Cissy Devore needs help in finding and stopping a stalker. Although she can’t provide a good description of the man and Cash senses she’s not coming totally clean with him, he decides to take the case.

Cash discovers that Cissy is being followed, but by other men who have been hired to protect her, too!

It turns out that his client is hiding a lot in her life, including her involvement in an evangelical church.

When a kidnapper snatches Cissy and the TV evangelist’s wife, Cash follows the abductor’s trail, finding that not everyone is who or what they seem, and sometimes even the baddies have good, if naive, intentions.

(Every time I thought I’d pegged the bad guy, Burgess would throw a wrench into the plot and provide a viable alternative!)

The dialogue is great, the characters well sketched, the pace fast and at times furious. I really enjoyed Houston Cash and his supporting cast, and am eagerly awaiting the next Cash novel… Five stars!

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