Daily Review: Jalapeño Cupcake Wench by Carol Kilgore

Will the odd instinct quirk save her or those she’s trying to protect? And just where did that quirk come from?

A hot and spicy taste of murder—and beyond. Law enforcement consultant Gracie Hofner is assigned to a trendy San Antonio bakery to watch for a delivery. In addition to the intoxicating aromas of sugar and chocolate, she also has to fight her own attraction to the man working beside her, Donovan Beck.

He’s a hunk and a half and perfect for a spring fling. If she had more time, Donovan would rank higher on her to-do list. But the number one spot is occupied by her search for a missing little girl, the target of a killer.

Gracie needs to find her pronto, and the odd super-instinct quirk that’s started plaguing her may help. If not, she can always listen if it says to buy a lottery ticket.

Jalapeno Cupcake Wench is the first book in The Amazing Gracie Trilogy, a story so big, it takes three books to tell it.

Carol Kilgore

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By J. Christensen

I like spunky main characters and well-fleshed-out secondary characters. Check. I like unique settings, such as San Antonio, Texas. Check. I like short descriptions that pack a punch. Check. And I like twisty plots and multiple surprises. Check.

I also like characters who have interesting occupations, especially if they are a bit different from mainstream. Amazing Gracie works for a private agency in the investigation field with singular capabilities. They often help the police out.

Gracie has a friend she used to partner with when she was a police officer, and he has an unusual personal dilemma to solve. He also ends up helping Gracie solve her case. The guy working at the jalapeno cupcake bakery is a hunk. Gracie is interested.
Actually, there are two mysteries. A package that is supposed to arrive at the bakery where Gracie has gone undercover to wait for it, and the mystery of an older couples’ murders. And of course, Gracie is smart enough to capture that murderer, but we are left with part of the mystery unsolved. And then, another hunk shows up.

We have to wait for the second and third books to tie everything up. But this book can stand alone because there is so much going on, and so many things resolved.

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By Jody Pryor

I don’t know what’s more exciting, reading this story or knowing there are two more Gracie books.

The best part, this book stands alone. No cliffhanger ending that has you biting your nails while awaiting the next book. Nope, we can go on with our life, yet we know at some point our friend, Gracie, will come back to visit us. Not once, but two more times.

Gracie is part of a special unit. She’s handed an undercover assignment to help out in a bakery so she can keep an eye out for a delivery that’s supposed to arrive. She also wants to help locate a missing little girl. Between the two assignments, her former partner from the SAPD going through a divorce, trying to locate a tenant for her aunt’s apartment, Gracie is kept busy.

Will Gracie find the little girl before the killer, who has already killed her grandparents, find her? Will Gracie recognize the delivery to the bakery when it arrives? Will the odd instinct quirk save her or those she’s trying to protect? And just where did that quirk come from?

If you want a suspenseful, yet fun read this is the book for you.

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