Daily Review: Jake: Winds of Change by Jackie Taylor Zortman

Just when you think you’ve figured things out, something new is thrown into the mix.

Jake is a tall, muscular and handsome firefighter from Idaho who rides a black Harley. He’s a drifter who never totally settles down in one place for long, usually leaving a brokenhearted woman in his wake.

On a ski trip to Colorado with a buddy, Jake is hooked by the area and decides not to leave the western slope. Unable to find a firefighting job, he lands a job as a police officer/fire investigator with the small police department in Sierra, Colorado.

An avid reader, Jake meets a mystical aging free-spirit named Yvette in the bookstore where she works. By coincidence, his neighbor in one of only two apartments in the Wander Inn Hotel is Yvette’s stunning daughter, Kioni. Living separated only by a wide staircase, she and Jake develop a sizzling no-strings-attached relationship.

On a trip to Redstone, Jake finally unravels the loose ends of a case that has haunted him from the moment he first saw the suspect scoping out the bookstore. Twists and turns of relationships and circumstances reveal an unexpected link that was never suspected.

Tag along with Jake as he makes fire and police calls or visits intriguing nearby tourist attractions. You won’t want to miss the double whammy ending to Jake’s latest adventures.

Jackie Taylor Zortman

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By M Keller

Jackie Taylor Zortman never fails to entertain her readers by putting them smack dab in the middle of Jake’s adventures with all her wonderful descriptions of everyone and every situation.

This tall, handsome, hunk of man always seems to attract women of all ages and adventures only he can handle. Just when you think you’ve figured things out, something new is thrown into the mix.

You will especially like her surprise ending which leaves the reader anxiously awaiting the third story about Jake – I know I am. I believe I caught the clue for Jake’s future – can you?

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By Nancy LiPetri

I was excited to find out what Jake would do next in the intriguing Drifter Series. This second book, Winds of Change, follows the tall, handsome Harley rider to a new town where he heats up the snowy setting with a sizzling romance and his combination of firefighting and police know-how.

Readers are treated to Zortman’s expert knowledge of police life and ride-along cop action while clues to multiple mysteries pop up more and more often throughout the story. Skillful doling out of foreshadowing tidbits increases curiosity and keeps you flipping pages.

The last page will leave you with goosebumps! Meanwhile you’re experiencing the rugged Colorado setting and finding out more about its attractions. I learn something new and fascinating about the state every time I read this author.

This Book 2 builds upon the first, yet can certainly be enjoyed completely as a stand-alone.

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By Kindle Customer

Jake’s done it again and captured my heart as he rides his Harley out of Kimbell and travels on to Sierra, Colorado in the second novella of Jackie Taylor Zortman’s Drifter series.

Mystery and romance are surely ahead as Jake follows the call to “stop and stay awhile” in the quaint mountain town of Sierra. An avid reader, it’s only fitting that the first place he stumbles into is a bookstore.

Here begins his adventure, forging friendships that cross time, finding love, when it’s love he swears to avoid, and he lands the chance to “drift back to blue” and solve a mystery. There are so many twists and turns as you follow Jake’s journey.

Will Jake stay in Sierra?

Will he fall for the beautiful woman at the Wander Inn?

And who in the world is the strange man in the black Lincoln.

But most of all, will Jake stay in blue or will the winds of change bring him back to what he loves the most?

Where ever he goes, whatever he finds, I’ll be right there with him. I can’t wait to learn where or to what Jake will be drawn to next!

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